So This Happened...

7:14 PM Vi Win Win 4 Comments

Just when you think you can't love Jen more, she goes and does something like this:

What is that, you say?! Why, it's just a dedication from Deity. With MY NAME in it. Oh yes. You read that right?!

You can imagine how much I was fangirling when I saw that. I am so truly touched and honored and I really want to thank Jen for thinking of me, as well as those other amazing ladies like Val & Momo. You are truly awesome, an amazing writer, and I can't believe my luck!

I know there are great things to come in your future Jen and I can't wait to read Deity! Thank you again, truly!


  1. this is just so awesome on so many levels

  2. It's so exciting Vi! Congrats.


  3. I've been so excited for you all! I love cool stuff like this.

  4. Congrats Vi.
    I totally cried when I saw my name in there.