VOTE for Your Closest City to Host the Opal Release Party!

1:54 PM Vi Win Win 1 Comments

The nominations have been counted and the results are in! The 5 finalist cities chosen to host the Opal Release Party are:

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Los Angeles, CA
3. Houston, TX
4. Orlando, FL
5. Chicago, IL

Now it's time for the votes! If you live near any of these cities, be sure to cast your vote so Jen, Pepe, and the Entangled team can come to that city and host the Opal Release Party. It's going to be awesome.

Of course, I'm partial to Philly, since I live there, and if you don't live near ANY of the cities mentioned above, but would like to vote anyways, I'd LOVE IT if you'd vote for Philly.

We. Need. Opal, Jen, & Pepe!

Voting ends Nov. 13th. Check out Entangled Publishing's Blog to vote.

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