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Welcome to Day 5 of the Deity Island Launch Party!

Of course, this site would not exist without our leader and inspiration, Jennifer Armentrout. Such a fabulous writer, hilarious lady, and and kickass creator - she has easily become one of my favorite authors EVER! I honestly can't stop talking about how much I love this lady. From the very first page of Half-Blood, she sucked me in and I haven't been the same since. I was blown away by her second book, Obsidian (Lux series), and floored by Pure - Book 2 in the Covenant series.

She's got 5 books in this amazing and unforgettable series, a stand-alone named Cursed, 3 books in the Lux series, a new book deal with Disney Hyperion Books for her title Don't Look Back, & SO MUCH MORE! Seriously, this lady is a book pumping machine!

You would think that since she's done so much in such a short amount of time, her books wouldn't be that great. Well, you'd be wrong. She's awe-inspiring, talented, and downright unbelievable. Her books will leave you begging for more every time. Only bigger and better things are to come for this incredible author, and I can't wait to share it all with you.

Welcome Jennifer!

1. You just announced that there will be a 5th book in the Covenant Series titled Sentinel. Congrats! I'm so excited! How are you dealing with all the excitement and news? When will you be officially done with this fantastic world you created (production/writing/editing-wise)?

 I'm very excited, because initially I'd planned to end the series with Apollyon, but once I started writing Apollyon, I realized that the story needed more room to get the ending I think it deserves and the readers would want. I will probably be done by the end of this year or early next year.

 2. I know you can't pick a favorite series, but what was most interesting/fun to write out of all your books? Most difficult? Which book took you the longest to develop? 

I think whatever series I'm writing at the given moment is my favorite or most interesting to write. And it's funny, because when I'm nearing the end of a book, I am so ready to move on. So it works out. The Covenant Series took me the longest to develop, because the world is more complicated than what you currently see in the Lux Series. Pure was the hardest one to write. I had many false starts on that book. 

3. If the Covenant Series was made into a movie, who would you pick to play Alex, Aiden, & Seth? 

I am terrible at picking those kind of things. So I'm not even going to try, lol.

 4. There has been a TON of buzz over you in the last year, and it's well-deserved, believe me. How have you handled all the fame and success so far? Did you imagine/hope for all this when you first started out? 

Haha. Thank you! Fame? I don't know about that, lol. At least I don't see it that way. I'm an author. I write books about Greek gods and aliens. Not changing the world over here. I think the thing that most people know about me is the AMOUNT of books I've written. What a lot people don't realize is that Half-Blood was written in 2007/2008 and I didn't stop writing. A lot of contracts came through at one time. Do I write fast and a lot? Yes. But most of these books have been written over a span of a time. And I'm really happy with everything. I'm not sure what I was hoping for when I started out, but I'm glad that people are reading my books and enjoying them.

 5. What's next for you? Working on one of your 50 books that are coming out in the next two years (LOL)? Got something new in the works? Taking a break at all? ;) 

Haha. I have a few projects I need to finish and I'm currently finishing up a sekrit project that honestly is just for the fans. It's something a ton of people have requested, so I figured hey, why not? Hopefully I can share more on that soon.


  1. Awh, I love this interview! And JLA amazes me - loooove her! <3333

  2. thanks yuou for this interview it was great to learn more

  3. Love this interview!! I seriously love JLA! She is just amazingly talented and so awesome to all of her fans!!

  4. I'm actually quite new with her books, read Obsidian last week, Half-Blood today and I'm already devouring Pure. :D I simply love her writing and how she's able to make absolutely phenomenal characters. Plus, she seems like an amazing person. Great interview!

    Aleksandra @ Divine Secrets of a Little Bookworm

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  6. It's better than that, Jana. *insert evil laughter*

  7. Hmmm... sekrit project? Would love to know what Jana's guess was, but I've got one of my own ;)

    I know you've been working on these projects over a longer period of time, but congratulations on such a amazing year of authoring... authorship... hm... author-dom? Perhaps you won't win a Nobel Peace Prize by writing YA... lol... but you've certainly made quite the mark on the young adult book world with your novels and with good reason. They're freaking fantastic! :) Thanks for the interview y'all!

  8. Great interview! Secret project?? What could it be?!! Love her books! She is an "auto-buy" author for me :-)

  9. OOOOO!!!! Yay for Jennifer!!! I hope the secret project is Daemon's POV :)
    Alyssa Susanna