Editor Interview - Kate Kaynak

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Welcome to Day 3 of the Deity Island Launch Party!

I'm so VERY pleased to welcome Kate Kaynak, the editor of JLA's books - the Covenant series & Cursed (JLA's stand-alone due this Fall).

Kate recognized a star when she "saw" it, and she definitely found one in Jennifer Armentrout. As an editor, you work closely with the author to perfect their book and help in the process of creating masterpieces. It's a pretty important job!

Welcome Kate!

1. What first attracted you to Half-Blood?

The first thing I ever read from Jennifer was a query she submitted for a contest on Disgruntled Bear (the book in question eventually became CURSED, but that's another story). Her submission didn't win the contest, but I was intrigued enough by her writing to ask if she'd written anything else. She sent me HALF-BLOOD, which I read in a single sitting (I'm amazed my children are still alive--I really wouldn't have noticed if the house was being attacked by daimons). I made her the publication offer the next day, which NEVER happens in publishing. But it was Just. That. Good.

2. What is it like working with JLA? Editing? Deadlines? The process, etc.

Jennifer is one of my favorite authors to work with. Every book she sends me is an absolute gem--wonderful characters, perfect pacing, amazing twists, etc.--so the "big picture" edits I usually suggest to authors are almost nonexistent. And as for deadlines, she's a wicked fast writer, so that's never a problem. We usually talk and email about any possible changes, and we pass a single manuscript back and forth a couple of times going from the big picture edits (pacing, character development, scene expansion, etc.), to line edits (word choice, continuity, etc.), to proofing.

3. What is your favorite book of the series? Favorite character?

I'm not sure I have a favorite book--I love the series as a whole. But as for favorite character, I smile every time Seth enters a scene, because I just KNOW things are about to get even more interesting. Seth never just shows up to grab a sandwich and leave.

4. Any teasers you can give us from Deity?

Well, it's called "Deity" for a reason, so you *know* you're going to be meeting a Big Kahuna or two.

5. Team Aiden or Team Seth?

Team Aiden all the way. I adore Seth, but I like my leading men the way I like my coffee--hot, strong, and sweet.

Thanks so much!


  1. Yayayay for Team Aiden! That's what I like to hear! And JLA is awesome, we all know that! ;)

  2. "Team Aiden all the way. I adore Seth, but I like my leading men the way I like my coffee--hot, strong, and sweet." I agree wholeheartedly! There is just something perfect about Aiden!

  3. Wooo! TEAM AIDEN! He is just so darn swoon worthy!

    Fun interview! Thank you to Kate for helping Jennifer give us such amazing books!

  4. Woohoo for Jennifer!!! and Team Aiden!!! Editors are a huge part of the publication process, so thanks for sharing your thoughts Ms. Kaynak!
    Alyssa Susanna

  5. Definitely Aiden. Great interview!

  6. That was a great interview! And I agree, Team Aiden!! :-)

  7. Yay!! Great interview!! I am Team Aiden all the way too!! Don't get me wrong, I am starting to love Seth, but Aiden will always come first. It is great that JLA has found such a wonderful editor! I love the covenant series and I am really looking forward to Cursed.