Daemon Fan Art

6:00 PM Vi Win Win 4 Comments

Jen recently shared some awesome fan art she's been seeing from various fans of her Lux series so I thought I'd show them off.

Here's a sexy one of Daemon by Jennifer Avey:

And a SUPER FUNNY comic strip done by another fan:

And I also found this awesome one of Katy & Daemon by Kara (Btw, Kara was commissioned by Jen & her team to create this & other awesome fan art for the Lux series for the Daemon Invasion tour. How awesome is that?! You'll be seeing more from her when the tour starts.):

If you've got some Fan Art you'd like to share, whether its Covenant or Lux, we wanna see 'em! Just send us an email!


  1. Those are awesome!! I love the first one of Daemon!! It's fantastic. I wish I had talent like that. The comic is awesome and funny, and the one of Daemon and Katy is amazing!

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe you posted my strip, i was extatic when Jen said it was funny but having it here is amazing!!!!!



  3. ahaha love the comic strip!!! :D :D