USA Today Interviews JLA

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Yes, the interviews just keep pouring in for JLA, as well it should!

Joyce Lamb of USA Today asked Jen some very awesome questions and got some very interesting answers in return.
Joyce: Hmm, that sounds familiar. Except I also have a seriously scary case of bed head. In Tempting the Best Man, heroine Madison has had a crush on her brother's best friend since they were teenagers. Do you remember your first crush? What about your first celebrity crush? Any current crushes? (I've had a crush on Nathan Fillion since Firefly. And Timothy Olyphant since he donned that cowboy hat for Justified.) 
 Jennifer: Oh my, Timothy Olyphant is a good choice. My first crush was my brother's best friend. Like Madison, it was all kinds of awkward. I would try to be uber cool in front of him, but I'm sure I came off looking like a doofus most of the time, especially after I dropped a cement block on my brother's toe. Long story. My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis. I even got to talk to him on the phone. I wrote a fan letter and he answered. Talk about a surreal experience. Current crushes? Hmm ... I had a crush on the actor who played Harry Potter for a while (when he was in the later Harry Potter movies). That just made me feel weird. I think I'll go with the guy who plays Thor. Can't go wrong there.
Joyce: In a few days (May 15), Entangled is re-releasing the first book in your Lux series. What would you tell new readers about this series to persuade them to check it out? 
Jennifer: I never know what to say about my own books so here's what one fan on Goodreads says about the series … "OMG, I did NOT want this book to end! I think this was hands down my favorite book in months. Please excuse me while I jump up and down and bury my face in a pillow and scream. AGAIN!" (Katy Book Corner)
 And if you're already a fan of Daemon Black, the re-released version features the first chapter, plus two never before scenes, from Daemon's perspective and also includes the first two chapters of Onyx, the sequel.
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