JLA Gets Interviewed by Entangled

12:18 PM Vi Nguyen 5 Comments

Lisa Burstein of Entangled Publishing interviews JLA today and she talks about the inspiration behind Obsidian, the first book in her Lux series.

Where did the idea of Daemon come from?

Why a book blogger female lead (Katy)?

Spoilers for Onyx?!

Jen is so adorable in this interview. I couldn't love her more! :)

What did you think of the interview?


  1. What a great interview. Jen is so sweet. Every time she talks about bloggers, you can see how much she appreciates all of us. I attended her live chat thingie a while back and it's so great that she takes the time to do stuff like that. I am so excited for Onyx.. and Deity!! :D

  2. AAAAAAAAAAA LOVE IT!! Thank you!! <3 <3

  3. I watched this earlier on the Entangled blog. I love it. JLA is super sweet.

  4. Okay, I super love this. So much <3