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If you're one of the people who pre-ordered Cursed, Jen's upcoming standalone novel, then you might have gotten news that online retailers MAYBE shipping them out earlier than expected (I did happen to get an email from Amazon saying just that!).

Jennifer clears up the confusion with regards to this issue and about ebook/print copies:
If you've pre-ordered CURSED, you may or may not receive it anytime from now until the official release date which is 9/18/2012. If you decide to order it now, you may receive it. You may not. There is no way to know. The digital versions most likely will NOT go live until the official release date.
As an author, I have absolutely no control over release dates, rather it's pushed up or pushed back. That's all in the publisher and/or distributor's hands. Several things can mess with those dates.
I've gotten some questions about why this happens a lot and what it means. Sometimes when a book moves into the distributor's warehouse before the release date, the vendors can see that it's technically now "in stock" and they can start processing those orders. Normally, the book will still hold until the release date or should. Usually that can happen like a week before a release date and in this case, it's happening several weeks before the release date. Books typically shouldn't release this early.
 Now, a little fun fact on CURSED. I wrote CURSED in 2008/2009, while I was querying Half-Blood. It was acquired in Spring of 2011 by SHP. So this little book is roughly four years in the making!
I guess the retailers know how much we love Jen's books and they want to get it into our hands as soon as possible, lol.

And, wow, "4 years in the making". I'm so happy that Jen is finally able to see Cursed on shelves and in the hands of fans everywhere real soon!

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