Grab Daimon in Audiobook Format!

4:37 PM Vi Win Win 2 Comments

You read that right people! Jen's first audiobook is now available for fans to purchase on and enjoy. So happy that Spencer Hill Press has started doing this and although I haven't given into audiobooks yet, you know I'll be getting all of Jen's audiobooks to add to my "Jen Collection", lol.

(Prequel to Half-Blood, The Covenant Series)
Narrated by Luci Christian
Length: 2hr21mins
Price: $6.95

Wow! I'm surprised it's actually over 2 hours long! I don't know anything about audiobooks since I've never tried them, but I have read Daimon and it was pretty short so that's crazy that it's actually so long.


  1. i haven't tried audiobook yet either
    i just discovered podcast and that i still need to improve my audition skill ( without the page in front of me i start paniking^^) one day perhaps but my priority are jennifer's books in print format

  2. Luci Christian did SUCH an amazing job with the narration--it's more than a reading! She does character voices, etc., and really brings the words to life!