New Things on Deity Island

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Hey all,

Just letting you know that I updated the Menu section above with all of Jen's books. There's as much information as I could find on all of them and I'll be updating them as more news comes in.

I also updated the links section to include all her books, extras, and again, will continue to update them as more links come in.

Jen's author page is complete with her blurb telling you a little more about her. I also moved the stuff about the Half-Blood Legion & the Deity Island blog bottons to the About page.

If you didn't notice, I recently added a new Quote of the Month and Poll of the Month, so be sure to check those out and let me know what you think! So far, Deity is in the lead (YES!) and since I recently read it, I can tell you, YOU WANT THIS BOOK!

ICYMI, the release date for Unchained was pushed back until early 2013 and Tempting the Player has been set to release on October 16th. All dates of Jen's upcoming books for 2012 are listed on the side and I'll update it with a TtP link once that goes live.

Don't forget, the Sept. JLA Reading Challenge is still underway and you don't want to miss out on winning some awesome prizes!

Next up, I'll be working on getting a new Header done and maybe even changing the whole look of the fansite. Gotta represent Jen & her books more!

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  1. Oh I freaking love you! THANK YOU for taking the time to run this. You win for life.