Quite a Few Updates! Opal! Unchained! Gamble Brothers!

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Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that the cover of Opal, Book 3 in the Lux series, will be revealed on Sept. 21st! Yay! I can't wait to see the finished cover in all its glory. And Jen even gave fans a little teaser to hold us all over until that day.

Also, if you're a blogger, you can take part in the cover reveal madness! Pretty sweet! Just send an email to Jen's publicist, Stacey at soneale(at)entangledpublishing.com. Be sure to include your blog address and email address in the email. Not only will you get to take part in this epic event, you'll also be entered to win an ARC of Opal, which I hear will be a rare commodity! Eeeepppp!!!!

Jen also posted some juicy Opal teasers recently and a fan made some even juicier pictures out of them! Love it!

Next up, Tempting the Player, Book 2 in the Gamble Brothers series has a release date set for October 16th! The Gamble Brothers series is Jen's adult romance series under her pen name, J. Lynn. It's good, trust me! I seriously can't wait to read this one because those Gamble brothers are HOT! This one is about Chad and Bridget and I'm excited to dive back into this world.

And now for the bad news. As you can see, Tempting the Player is set for October 20th, which was suppsoed to be the release date for Jen's upcoming novel, Unchained, her adult nephilim book. But, alas, this one has been pushed back until the Winter/Spring 2013 season (early next year). Total bummer, I know! I really wanted to see what this one was all about. Jen talks about the issues behind the change on her blog and I can see her and the publisher's reasoning. We still love you guys and can't wait for this book!!!


  1. so excited! I just started my blog and was chosen to help reveal the cover!

    smoking. hot. =)


  2. His lips chanced my life. And I'm not even kissing him. ::Sigh::