Be With Me Teasers

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Jen recently posted some teasers from her upcoming novel, Be With Me (the second book in the Wait for You series). There's no word yet on the release date, but I'll be sure to update as soon as I know.

Here's one from Twitter:

“Is Spring Mills even a town?” At Jase’s confused stare, I shrugged. “I mean, isn’t it really just Hedgesville or Falling Waters? Just because you build a super Wal-Mart, that doesn’t make it a town.”
Jase stared at me a moment longer and then he laughed deeply.
God help me, but I loved it when he laughed like that. No matter how irritated I was with him or how badly I wanted to karate kick him between the legs, when he laughed, it was like the sun was shining in my eyes.
Leaning over, he wrapped an arm around my waist, tugging me closer—close enough that if I lifted my head, our mouths would be inches apart. My heart literally did several pliĆ©s in my chest. If talking about fake towns and Wal-Marts got him in the hugging mood, I’d start naming other places like Darksville and Shanghai and—
“Sometimes I don’t think you’re right in the head.” He squeezed me as he dropped his chin to the top of my head and my breath caught in my throat. “But I like that. I really do. Not sure what that says about me.”
“That you’re awesome?”
He chuckled. “Yeah, something like that.”

And a picture to tide you over:


  1. ~sign~ can I just have it now?! it sounds soooo goood! why must we always get snippets that make you want to scream with anticipation!