Exclusive JLA Interview - Jen Shares Her Thoughts on the Obsidian Movie & Covenant TV Show

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Awhile ago I managed to ask Jen a few questions about how Obsidian was optioned for a movie and the Covenant series was optioned for TV. There hasn't been any news and Jen even posted about that today, but I figured I'd get off my lazy butt and actually post this interview.

1. Where were you and what were you doing when you first heard the news? What was your initial reaction to it all? I was visiting my mom when I heard about Obsidian being optioned for a movie, and I was getting ready for a yard sale when I heard about the Covenant series being optioned for a TV series. I was excited to find out about both options, but I hated having to keep the news a secret.

2. What are your thoughts to Lux being a movie instead of a TV show? Covenant as a TV show instead of a movie? I was really open to both possibilities for both series. I’m excited to see Obsidian on the big screen, and I’m equally excited to see the Covenant series on TV. I think they will both be very different, but still very cool.

3. What are you most looking forward to as production begins for Obsidian and the Covenant TV show (reading the screenplay, seeing a favorite scene being performed, casting, etc.)? I’m looking forward to all of it, but I think I’m most looking forward to the casting.

4. How are you hoping fans/readers will react to this news? Any words of wisdom for them regarding the whole "book to movie" adaptation area? I want my readers to be as excited as I am about the news. I would also like for my readers to keep an open mind about the entire process, including the scripts and the casting for both the movie and the TV series. Things will inevitably be changed in both and that's okay. As a movie or TV show, the need to reach a broader audience, so changes will be required.

5. What is one important scene you're hoping will stay true from the book into the movie? book to TV show? I honestly don’t have any one scene from either series that I want to stay absolutely true to the books because I know that Sierra Pictures and Herrick Entertainment are going to make good choices regarding the scripts. Sometimes scenes from books need to be changed or tweaked a little to work onscreen. I’m open to this possibility because I know that just because a scene works in a book doesn’t mean that it will play out well in a movie or on TV.

6. What were some of the reactions your family and friends had when you told them/they found out the news? I’ll just say that there was a lot of screaming!

7. Are there any particular artists you're hoping will add their magic to the official movie soundtrack? I’m just going to be thrilled to have an official movie soundtrack! I can’t wait to see the artists and songs on it.

8. At the end of the day, what do you hope fans/readers/TV & movie watchers will get from seeing your books on the big & little screen? I hope that readers really enjoy getting to see the characters and their stories move from the books to a movie and a TV series. And, I hope that viewers who have never heard of my books will fall for Katy and Daemon, and Alex, Aiden, and Seth in the same way my readers have fallen for them.

Here's hoping things continue to progress, however long it takes!

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  1. Great interview. I am so excited about this to. I wonder if there will be as much controversy over who plays Daemon as there was about the Fifty Shades of Grey dude :)