Some Opposition Teasers

10:03 AM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

Like I said, Jen is in the throws of edits and right now she's editing OPPOSITION!

So, naturally, she has to tease readers and here are some of her latest teasers:

Who else is super excited for this book?!

Btw, plans for the Lux Read Along will be under way soon. It looks like it'll be happening in June & July, leading up to August 5th (Opposition Release Day). As much as I want to space it out more, I'm going to be crazy studying for my last med school exam, which is set for the 3rd week in May, so I definitely don't have time to get things set up for the Read Along any time soon. Hope you all understand. But I haven't forgotten! You can definitely expect just as much fun as with the Covenant Read Along and a bunch of cool prizes. If you haven't already, join the Lux Read Along FB group, where I'll be posting updates and such.