#DeityIslandTurns2 Blogoversary Giveaway!

12:00 AM Vi Win Win 6 Comments

I can't believe it's been over two years since I started this fansite for JLA! I love her and her books even more than I did and I'm sure it's never going to end. This lady is all kinds of awesome. Not only is she a brilliant writer, she's crazy generous, super nice, and freaking hilarious!

Anyways, I know things have been scarce lately, but that's just because I want to report meaningful content, which can be scare in itself at times. Not to mention, I've been crazy busy with school and all. Anything small or trivial though, I'll be sure to mention on Twitter or Facebook, so make sure to follow along there.

I will always try my best to be the #1 fansite for JLA and bring you all the news and stuff related to Jen and her books!

Well, to celebrate Deity Island turning 2, I'm giving away an ARC of Don't Look Back, Jen's newest novel, as well as some signed bookmarks. As much as I would love to include international readers, it's just not in the budget for me right now. I promise to include something good for you all when it comes time for the Lux Readalong, which will be coming up soon.

Which reminds me, I better start planning that!

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  1. Congrats Vi!! This blog is amazing. I love all of your updates and the Covenant readalong was amazing! I hope you do another one soon.

  2. You just have great posts! I love to see what you're going to say next!

  3. Congrats Vi!! You do such a great job ok this post, you can totally tell you do it with love!!
    Everything's great!! ^__^

  4. Congrats on two years of awesome blogging. I definitely love that you share all stuff JLA and many times I don't know about it so it's a great surprise. Just like the teasers JLA constantly posts on twitter I almost never see so I am always happy when you post them.

  5. Congrats!! and thank you for the giveaway! I love all JLA stuff!!

  6. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!! Deity Island is one of the first blogs that I followed. and I will always love you. (Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton reference optional)