Covenant TV Series Gets a Screen Writer!

2:03 PM Vi Win Win 1 Comments

Finally! Some news regarding the Covenant Series TV show!

“THE COVENANT, USA today bestselling book series, from USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Jennifer Armentrout, with industry veteran Harry Werksman hired to pen the TV adaptation.”

Jen announced this yesterday that Harry Werksman, who has worked on shows like Ugly Better, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, and so many more, will be writing the scripts for the show. It also helps that he's a fan of the series and Jen is excited to see how he adapts it.

I'm so happy for some news and I'm excited that an actual fan of the series is writing the adaptation. Here's hoping he does it justice!

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  1. Thanks for excerpt. I'm looking forward to Don't Look Back since I enjoy the suspense genre. :)