Dark Elements Read-Along: Week Three

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Welcome to Week THREE of The Dark Elements Read-Along. If you want to know more about the Read-Along, sign up for it, and get all the details, check out this page here. You'll find links to all the weekly posts on that page, too.

REMEMBER: In order to be eligible for the prizes, you must SIGN UP and then answer the questions via the Google Form below.

For updates and to chat with other participants, join the Deity Island Read Alongs Facebook Group. There will a lot of fun things happening there!

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Thank you all for your feedback on the chapters read. I loved all your responses about the book. Here's what some readers had to say:

Sona Dasgupta says "Bitter Sweet Love is the perfect introduction for the Dark Element Series. It captured my attention from the first page. The chemistry between Jas and Dez was sizzling. And meeting Roth (the Upper Demon) was the cherry at the top."

Neiss says "In a few words, I loved the world, the plot and Jasmine and Dez's relationship, but meet Layla, Zayne & Roth for "first time" was great. I liked to see how they were when they were young."

Fatima says "I just love Dez.My favorite scene was the one with the pukwudgie."

How about you?

Be sure to come back here next Monday to discuss the chapters we read and answer some questions for your chance at winning some pretty cool prizes!

Next up, we'll be reading White Hot Kiss, Chapters 10-19.

See you all next week. Happy reading!