Behind the Scenes of the Lux Series Trailers

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After a slight mishap this morning on HEA USA Today, Jen thankfully released the awesome Behind-the-Scenes video for the Lux series today on her blog.

Oh boy, how sexy was that when Pepe/Daemon took a bite out of that cookie?!?! Swoon!!!!

Everyone seems to agree that "The Laptop Scene" is their favorite, lol. It was pretty funny to see one of the West brothers working the lights/lamp during that scene.

And for those of you who have read Onyx, I'm sure you'll recognize some pivotal scenes being teased in this video. So excited for the Onyx trailer!!!

Looks like they all had a TON of fun.

What do you all think?! Excited to see the rest of the trailers?!

Remember that the trailer for Onyx goes live on August 1st!!!!

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  1. Hi Vivian! Yay, name twins! It's my first time meeting another Vivian in the book-blogging circle ^_^ Everyone's going crazy for this book! <3 I've yet to get my hands on a copy though :( Definitely looking forward to reading it <3

    Thanks for dropping by!
    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian