Deity Teasers and Aiden's YA Crush Tourney Results

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Well, yesterday was a pretty crazy day (more so in the real world, sad to say, but also in the book world - which is an exciting thing)! In the midst of hiding in my studying bubble, I had to come out to support my favorite guy, Aiden!

The Queen of teasers coughed up some pretty awesome incentives for the fans as the battle between Aiden and Ash went down. Both boys are swoonworthy and both advocates fought hard, but in the end, there can be only one winner -> AIDEN!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! YAY!!!!! It was definitely neck & neck there the whole time, but luckily, JLA fans came through.

I'm telling you, JLA fans are CRAZY awesome!!!!

You know what this means don't you?! Jen has promised fans the EPIC "car scene" from Pure in Aiden's POV. Oh yeah, baby!!! Can't wait for that!!!

For now, I've gathered all the awesome Deity teasers for you to drool over:

Aiden Teaser
 “I know things are different, Alex, but I will always be here for you. I will always help you.” He paused. “How can you ever doubt that?”

Seth Teaser 
I pushed at him weakly. “Get off.” “I was trying to.” Seth rolled over, running his hands down his face.
Scene from Deity 
“That’s enough,” Aiden said, shoving Seth as he let go. “Back off.” 
“You really want to get involved in this?” Seth asked. “Right now?” 
“More than you would ever know.” 
Akasha fizzled out and Seth pushed Aiden. “Oh, I think I do. And you know what, it’s something I think about… every time. You get what I’m saying?” 
“That’s the best you got, Seth?” Aiden went toe-to-toe with the Apollyon. 
And suddenly, I knew this wasn’t just about what had just happened. This was more. “Because I think you and I both know the truth about that.” 
Oh, dear gods, this was turning into a boy fight. 
Seth moved so fast it was hard to see him. An arm cocked back, aiming right for Aiden’s jaw. Reacting just as fast, Aiden caught Seth’s arm and threw him back again. 
“Try it again, and I won’t stop,” Aiden warned. 
A second later they were crashing into each other.

There were even a couple of Onyx teasers too:

Scene from Onyx
“Whatever, Kitten.” Daemon gripped my hips, lifting me onto the edge of the desk with an ease that was disturbing. “I know better.”

Onyx from Daemon's POV 
In between the kisses that unraveled me and then pieced me back together, I spoke things I never told anyone.

Oh, and did I mention Pepe/Daemon sure knows how to make you want a cookie! So adorable!

And don't forget that it's Daemon's turn on Monday!