Covenant Read-Along: Week 2

12:00 AM Vi Win Win 3 Comments

Welcome to Week TWO of The Covenant Series Read-Along. If you want to know more about the Read-Along, sign up for it, and get all the details, check out this page here. You'll find links to all the weekly posts on that page, too.

REMEMBER: In order to be eligible for the prizes, you must SIGN UP and then answer the questions via the Google Form below.

This week we will be discussing Daimon.

Here's what I thought about Daimon:

The most enjoyable aspect of this novella was Alex. I loved being inside her head and just seeing a glimpse of her personality and style come out. Alex is easily my favorite female protagonist ever, and it's mostly due to her snark, strength, humor, and the fact that she doesn't take crap from any one. I also liked getting a glimpse of Alex's relationship with her mother. You could tell how much they love each other and special their relationship was.

Overall, it was a nice introduction to the series.

Be sure to come back here next Friday to discuss the chapters we read and answer some questions for your chance at winning some pretty cool prizes!

Next up, we'll be reading Chapters 1-11 of Half-Blood.

So what did you think of Daimon?


  1. Thanks for this awesome readathon!!

  2. I'm really enjoying the readalong! Its my first read-along

    1. I agree with you about her mom. I think it is definitely an important part to understand the love they had for one another and just how close they were.