Covenant Read-Along: Week 4

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Welcome to Week FOUR of The Covenant Series Read-Along. If you want to know more about the Read-Along, sign up for it, and get all the details, check out this page here. You'll find links to all the weekly posts on that page, too.

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Now, let's discuss what you read during the week, Half-Blood, Chapters 12-21.

Here's what I thought about the chapters I read so far:

I forgot how amazing this book really is. The latter half has a decent amount of action and I was glued to the pages. I'd forgotten a lot about her confrontation with her mom, so it was great re-reading those scenes, seeing the heartache and pain that Alex has to go through and seeing her come out on top. Poor Caleb! I adore him so much! You know my favorite scene has to include AIDEN, lol. That would have to be CHAPTER 16!!!!! Man, when I first read that back in 2011, I thought "Wow, is Jen allowed to write that kind of scene in a YA book?!", seriously! Lol. But I loved EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT! SWOON! Add that to Chapter 16 in Aiden's POV?!?! Double SWOON! Oh, Leon, ever the c---blocker!

Here's what some readers had to say about Half-Blood, Chapters 1-11:

Michelle says "I love the sarcasm and the humor in these chapters as even though Alex's been through so much, she can still cheer everyone up with a snarky line."

Courtney says "I just love Alex and Aiden's banter. It's just so hilarious. But I have to say, my favorite scene is when he's taking care of her back. That scene is just so...ugh. :)"

April Etheridge says "To watch Alex and Aiden's relationship grow and morph into something so precious and beautiful is just spectacular. I also loved how hard Alex works to regain entry into the Covenant. I found myself cheering her on, impressed by her astounding determination and boldness."

Cristina Riquelme says "I really enjoy the humor sense of Alex, fav moment when Alex and Lea fight, and alex grab a handful of Lea copper hair and yanked her out of the chair."

Be sure to come back here next Friday to discuss the chapters we read and answer some questions for your chance at winning some pretty cool prizes!

Next up, we'll be reading Chapters 1-13 of Pure.

So what did you think of the book so far?

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  1. Pure is my favorite can't wait to ask the trivia and questions next week!!!