The SPECIAL Special Editions of Wait for You

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Jen just announced that during the time where she had to awesomely sign the 10,000 copies of Wait for You for pre-order, she signed THREE of them in "a very special way".

If you're one of the LUCKY THREE who will soon possess this book, all you have to do is take a picture of it and send it to Jen, and she'll gift you with the new Amazon Kindle HD! How freaking unbelievable is that?! Although, honestly, I'd just be happy to get an extra-special signed copy of Jen's book, but the kindle is nice, too!

Man, I wish I was one of the LUCKY THREE! Fingers crossed!!

If you didn't pre-order your copy of Wait for You yet, here's your chance.

All details can be found on her recent blog post. Good luck!

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  1. That's so cool!! I pre-ordered one when I first heard that she was signing them just because I wanted a signed one. What a fun idea to make an awesome book even more awesome!