Covenant Read-Along: Week 9

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Welcome to Week NINE of The Covenant Series Read-Along. If you want to know more about the Read-Along, sign up for it, and get all the details, check out this page here. You'll find links to all the weekly posts on that page, too.

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Now, let's discuss what you read during the week, Deity, Chapters 24-34.

Here's what I thought about the chapters I read so far:

Wow, why didn't I see this before?! Seth is a Grade A Douchebag! Why did I ever like him the first time around?! Sigh...even though I still have a smidgeon of hope for him and I see how Lucian has been manipulating him, I can't get over the way he's been using and lying to Alex. Argh! My feelings would equate to how I'd feel towards a loved one who got hooked on drugs. You love them, hope for them, but am ultimately disappointed and feel bad for them. And Lucian! That bastard! Dammit, I forgot what craziness he spewed when he called the Council to order. And let me say again, I LOVE THE GODS! This has to be one of my favorite aspects of this particular book, seeing more Gods show up. Definitely a plus! Finally, Aiden...SWOON! He never ceases to amaze me with his love, compassion, and understanding. Gods, that man is perfect! Oh, and that ending?! Ugh, I remember that tortured me the first time around! Dang cliffhanger!

Here's what some readers had to say about Deity, Chapters 12-23:
Borghild says "Oh man. My feelings are all over the place in this part of the book. And let me just say, chapter 22…… Oh gods. Feels! Aiden how is it possible to be even more perfect than you already was? Oh Aiden, I'm not even going to start with saying why I love you. I just love that man!"

Michelle favorite quote was " 'but even as he pulled away, I realized that he couldn't steal something he already had.' "

Jennifer says "I loved the scene where Aiden is meant to be guarding Alex and stays with her the night, who am i kidding I love all there scenes together! just talking with each other they're so cute:) equally cute was the toothbrush scene when Alex came back from dying, just aww! And of course I also loved chapter 22;)"

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Next up, we'll be reading Elixir.

So what did you think of the book so far?