Deity Countdown Widget

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Yay! I was wondering if Jen & SHP would provide a countdown widget for Deity & here it is:

Be sure to grab one and add it to your blog! I'm SO excited & can't wait to read it!


Unchained Teaser

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Jen decided to grace the fans with a little treat from her upcoming novel Unchained, due Oct. 16, 2012. It's a teaser about Julian from Lily's POV.

She flicked a fry into her mouth and then froze. The feeling snaking down her spine was undeniable. He came so close, so fast, that she knew it was him.            “Damn it,” she muttered.  Solitude and the actual ability to eat her food in peace couldn’t even be gained on a damn clock tower without interruption.            Ignoring him would be pointless endeavor. The sensation grew as Lily peered onto the observation deck below, and like every time before, the mere sight of him stole her ability to form an intelligent thought. Having a name Lily couldn’t even begin to pronounce or spell, she’d always known him as Julian.            And when he wasn’t around, she knew him as the pain in her ass.             “Hello, my Lily.”            She closed her eyes. Damn his voice to Hell and back. The sound, the deep timbre of the way he’d said her name, crawled all the way down to the pit of her stomach, where it started to smolder.            Lily pried one eye open.            Julian’s lips formed a smile. A full bottom lip and a thinner one on top curved in a way that was downright sinful.  Those lips whispered promised pleasures, and they also carried an intensely real threat.            She needed to remember that.            Her wry gaze flickered over his face, and she bit back a sigh. She knew he was bad. Oh, he was so bad that half the demons feared him. And the other half? They wanted to be him. That knowledge did nothing to dampen her appreciation of his beauty. Male or female—both were in awe of Julian.            After all, Julian had been an angel.            Tonight, he wore black trousers and a buttoned down white shirt. He must have grown bored with the buttons, though. Only half of them were done, and hard, pale flesh peeked through.            She found an ounce of common sense along with her voice. “What do you want?”            His smile widened. “Isn’t that a loaded question?”            She rolled her eyes, taking a bite of her burger. “I’m on lunch break. So if you expect me to chase you off, you’re mistaken.”            Julian inched closer, the soft breeze tugging at his shoulder length blond hair. “What kind of Nephilim doesn’t chase a fallen angel?”            “A hungry one,” she retorted.
So what do you think?! :)


Daemon Fan Art

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Jen recently shared some awesome fan art she's been seeing from various fans of her Lux series so I thought I'd show them off.

Here's a sexy one of Daemon by Jennifer Avey:

And a SUPER FUNNY comic strip done by another fan:

And I also found this awesome one of Katy & Daemon by Kara (Btw, Kara was commissioned by Jen & her team to create this & other awesome fan art for the Lux series for the Daemon Invasion tour. How awesome is that?! You'll be seeing more from her when the tour starts.):

If you've got some Fan Art you'd like to share, whether its Covenant or Lux, we wanna see 'em! Just send us an email!


New Stuff on #DeityIsland

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Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd give you all a heads up on some new things going on around here.

First off, I added a little box on the sidebar titled "Quote of the Month" where I'll be featuring a quote from one of the Covenant books (a new one every month). I might incorporate quotes from the Lux series too, since this is an all-inclusive fansite for Jen, but we'll see how things go.

Next up, I updated the Links page of the site to include all of Jen's known works with appropriate links to Goodreads, Amazon, etc. There's also links to Jen's publishers and some extras that she's written in the past. If you want links to Jen, it's located under the JLA tab.

Finally, I just created a "Poll of the Month" section where I'll be featuring a new poll every month for you guys to vote on. It should be fun! I decided to start with an easy, or some might say difficult, topic for the first time around and I can't wait to see which one comes out on top! I realize it's the middle of the month, but for me, the "poll month" starts now!

I'll be working on the character profiles and sprucing up the Books section of the site next.

Let me know what you think in the comments section and what else you'd like to see on Deity Island.

Also, remember I've got an open call for fan art, whether it's Lux or Covenant, if you drew/created it, I want to showcase it! Send me an email!


The #DaemonInvasion Has Begun

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Yesterday Daemon unleashed his awesomeness into the blogosphere with two awesome events:

The Signing Tour/Street Team Event - Daemon Invasion


The Blog Tour -  30 Days of Daemon

If you haven't read Jen's Lux Series, starting with Obsidian, you definitely should. It's great!

Be sure to check out FULL schedule for the tours (links above) and if you'd like to take part in the Daemon Invasion and don't have a team yet, I'd love to add you to mine (a couple spots left). There are plenty of chances to win prizes, teasers, and so much more fun!


Another Sekrit Project Teaser

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Jen recently blogged a tiny teaser from her sekrit project involving HUNTER WHITE and Serena.
Heh. He sucked at the whole babysitting thing.
“You’re hurting me,” she said finally, nodding at where his entire hand wrapped around her arm.
“No. I’m not.” Her face scrunched up. “Okay. You’re annoying me.”
“Want to know a secret?”
Serena looked wary. “What?”
 “I don’t care.”
She rolled her eyes. “Real funny."
I don't know about you, but I'm DYING to know what this project is all about! We must know, Jen!!!


BEA Details for JLA

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EDIT: JLA will also be signing ARCs of Diety at the event! Yay! Better not miss her!

If you're one of the lucky people attending BEA this year, be sure to stop by JLA's booth from 2:00-3:00 PM on June 6th where she will be signing books and SHP will have copies of her stand-alone book, Cursed, to give out.

She'll be at Booth #4447.

If any fans get pictures with/of the event or JLA, you can send them to deityisland[at] and I'll be happy to post them here & credit you, of course!


Read the FIRST 3 Chapters of Cursed!

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Jen is truly awesome! Being the proud and ever-generous author that she is, she recently posted the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of her upcoming novel, Cursed, on her blog.
CURSED proofs (basically early arc format) have landed at Spencer Hill Press and I can't tell you how excited I will be to hold this book in my hands. I wrote this book YEARS ago and it's been announced for darn near close to a year. So it's going to be super exciting for me and I thought in honor of the proofs arriving, here are the first 3 Chapters to CURSED. Enjoy!
I've posted it here as well, be sure to give it a read and let me know what you think!

Congrats Jen and I can't wait for the release!
Cursed First Chapters


USA Today Interviews JLA

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Yes, the interviews just keep pouring in for JLA, as well it should!

Joyce Lamb of USA Today asked Jen some very awesome questions and got some very interesting answers in return.
Joyce: Hmm, that sounds familiar. Except I also have a seriously scary case of bed head. In Tempting the Best Man, heroine Madison has had a crush on her brother's best friend since they were teenagers. Do you remember your first crush? What about your first celebrity crush? Any current crushes? (I've had a crush on Nathan Fillion since Firefly. And Timothy Olyphant since he donned that cowboy hat for Justified.) 
 Jennifer: Oh my, Timothy Olyphant is a good choice. My first crush was my brother's best friend. Like Madison, it was all kinds of awkward. I would try to be uber cool in front of him, but I'm sure I came off looking like a doofus most of the time, especially after I dropped a cement block on my brother's toe. Long story. My first celebrity crush was Jonathan Brandis. I even got to talk to him on the phone. I wrote a fan letter and he answered. Talk about a surreal experience. Current crushes? Hmm ... I had a crush on the actor who played Harry Potter for a while (when he was in the later Harry Potter movies). That just made me feel weird. I think I'll go with the guy who plays Thor. Can't go wrong there.
Joyce: In a few days (May 15), Entangled is re-releasing the first book in your Lux series. What would you tell new readers about this series to persuade them to check it out? 
Jennifer: I never know what to say about my own books so here's what one fan on Goodreads says about the series … "OMG, I did NOT want this book to end! I think this was hands down my favorite book in months. Please excuse me while I jump up and down and bury my face in a pillow and scream. AGAIN!" (Katy Book Corner)
 And if you're already a fan of Daemon Black, the re-released version features the first chapter, plus two never before scenes, from Daemon's perspective and also includes the first two chapters of Onyx, the sequel.
Read the full interview on the Happily Ever After blog.


Deity TEASERS!!!!

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Jen, being the lovable tease that she is, JUST posted a Deity teaser on Twitter!


So, what did you think?! :)

Let me just fan myself a bit over here! Gotta start breathing again! Whew! ***HOT!!!***

 Of course Jen has to tease with another tidbit from Deity! This time with some very famous GODS at play!

And YES! Jen does it again with her THIRD teaser of the night! This one is for all the Aiden fans out there (Like me, LOL!).


The Lux Series Gets 2 MORE BOOKS!

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JLA just did a formal announcement on her blog that her Lux series, published by Entangled, will have TWO MORE BOOKS! How awesome is that?!

"...the untitled 4th and 5th books in the Lux Series, which continues the story of Katy, a book blogger who has fallen in love with the not-so typical alien next door as they continue to evade the DOD and even more powerful enemies..."
A BIG CONGRATS to Jen, you're just fantastic like that and totally deserve it! I can't wait to hear more about it and I'll be sure to bring all you JLA fans the latest news about titles, release dates, & more!


JLA Gets Interviewed by Entangled

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Lisa Burstein of Entangled Publishing interviews JLA today and she talks about the inspiration behind Obsidian, the first book in her Lux series.

Where did the idea of Daemon come from?

Why a book blogger female lead (Katy)?

Spoilers for Onyx?!

Jen is so adorable in this interview. I couldn't love her more! :)

What did you think of the interview?


Cover Reveal: Elixir - Aiden's Novella

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EDIT: So sorry I didn't include this info earlier but here are the deets - Like Daimon, this will be a free download from SPH's website in November, right after the release of Deity. It will also be available on Nook and Kindle and for purchase in print


Without further ado, I give you ELIXIR - Aiden's Novella:

Aiden St. Delphi will do anything to save Alex.
Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for.
Even if it means making war against the gods.

How. Gorgeous. Is. This?!?!?! I made it EXTRA LARGE so you all can bask in its glory & awesomeness. Go on, bask! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Kate Kaynak & SHP did such an amazing job with this cover, it might just be my favorite of the series so far, although I do have a soft spot for Deity.

I love how the background is so clear and the color really makes the image stand out and grab your attention, yet adding a nice, inviting feel to it all. The flower itself is just gorgeous. I love how it bends at all the right places and the splash marks give it a feeling like water just dropped and splashed back into a beautiful flower right before your eyes. The font is great, too. It's in-keeping with the other books in the series and the color fits well with the scheme. I also like how it's very different than the other covers, which works because it's a novella - told from Aiden's POV, but it also sticks to the whole flower motif that all the other books have.

And how awesome is the blurb?! It leaves you wanting more, that's for sure, but it also doesn't give anything away, which is great because I hate it when blurbs give too much detail. I mean, why read the book, then?!? This gets you intrigued and makes you want to find out just how far Aiden is willing to go for Alex.

Overall, it's a fresh and beautiful cover that easily grabs your attention. L-O-V-E, love it!!!!!!

So, what do YOU think of the cover?!


Jen Guest Posts & Your Chance to WIN Tempting the Best Man

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Jen recently did a guest post over at Nicola Marsh's blog, another fabulous writer btw (you should definitely give her book Busted in Bollywood a read), where she talks about her latest novel Tempting the Best Man and what tempts her!

Here's a snippet of her guest post:

TEMPTING THE BEST MAN is my first category romance book. I’m more of a paranormal/urban fantasy author, but there’s something fun and relaxing about digging into the world of normal, everyday people who aren’t fallen angels or mutant llamas.Mutant llamas—they DO exist. And they smoke cigars and wear tuxedos. Who knew? 
In TEMPTING THE BEST MAN, you’ll meet 25 year old Madison Daniels, who has had the hots for her brother’s best friend for as long as she can remember. Who hasn’t been in a situation like that? If it’s not a brother’s BFF, it’s your own best guy friend. There’s that line you know you shouldn’t cross with that person, which makes its oh-so much more fun to cross.
Chase was the Antichrist to her.
A really, unbelievably hot Antichrist…
Chase Gamble, one of three notorious brothers, does put the “awt” in “hawt” and he can be a little, er, demanding when it comes to certain things.

To read more, head on over to Nicola's blog! And don't miss your chance to win an eBook of Tempting the Best Man there, too!


Jen is Such a Tease!

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You should all know that Jen is the Queen of Teasers!

She just updated her blog with a teaser of something awesome she's working on right now - a "sekrit project", if you will:

“Would you like a drink?” he asked, heading toward the cabinet near the fridge.
            “Yes. Please.”
            Hunter glanced at me. “You look surprised.”
            “You don’t seem like the type who does gentlemanly things like that.” Or civil things, but I figured I shouldn’t tack that on.
            His lips twitched. “I’ve been known to surprise myself every once in awhile. Turning back to the cabinet, he grabbed two glasses. “I have soda, milk, water—”
            “Milk? I’m not ten.”
            He turned around, eyes glimmering in the light. “And how old are you? Nineteen?”
            Offended, I leaned back on the stool. “I’m twenty-two.”
            “Hmm…” He put the glasses back and picked up two wine flutes.
            My eyes narrowed. “Didn’t they give you like a basic file on me or something?”
            “Yes.” Hunter swiped a wine bottle out of its rack.
            Staring at the back of his broad shoulders, I pictured a spider monkey landing on him and biting his neck, total vampire style. Actually, maybe zombie style. That would do more damage. “Have you’ve read it?”
            Hunter spun around and crossed the distance to the island. He placed a glass of dark wine in front of me. “I have.”
            My skin felt tight. That’s how irritated I was getting. “Then if you’ve read even the basics, you would know I’m not nineteen.”
            Leaning his elbows on the table, he took a sip of his wine. “Most likely.”
            “So you asked if I was nineteen to annoy me?”      
            “Quite possibly,” he murmured, watching me over the rim of his glass.
            A sharp tingle was spreading across the back of my skull, spreading like a heatstroke. “You’re an ass.”
            “And you have a potty mouth.” Hunter flashed a quick grin.
            I took a deep, calming breath as he finished off his wine in one gulp. I hadn’t even touched mine. “Should you be drinking while you’re working?”
            “Should you be asking so many questions?”
            “Shouldn’t you have at least put a shirt on by now?” I snapped back. “Adding that to the whole drinking thing, you’re really inappropriate.”
            Hunter chuckled, and the sound, oh wow, the sound of his amused laugh sent a shiver down my legs. “You haven’t seen inappropriate, pet.”
            “Don’t call me that.”
            He prowled around the island. He didn’t walk—oh, no—the graceful movements of his denim clad thighs reminded me more of a great lion stalking its prey than how a human walked. My breath stalled out as he sat beside me, spreading his thighs wide so that one brushed my own leg.
            “Do you have a thing against pet names?” he asked.
            “Ha. Ha.” Gripping the stool, I scooted away. The metal legs made this horrible scratching sound. I hope I ruined his tile. “What did you want to talk about?”
            Hunter inched his stool toward mine, taking back the distance. Even sitting down, he was a good head or two taller, so when he bent over, his face was right in mine. “You.”
            My throat dried. “You’re in my personal space.”
            “You’re in my home therefore that cancels out your personal space.”
            “Your logic is faulty.”
            He cocked his head to the side, lashes lowering. “My logic is the only logic around here. You need to get used to that.”
            And he needed to get used blunt objects being thrown at his head, because it was about to happen again.

Oh, Jen! How you love to make us beg for more!


#DaemonInvasion Tour Dates

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The Lux Series Tumblr just released the official poster for the Daemon Invasion Tour Dates and locations.

Man, I wish I was still living in Miami!

Are any fans going to be there?! How would YOU like to be an official correspondent for Deity Island? All you have to do is take some pictures and maybe comment a little on how the event went and what it was like meeting Jen & the Lux cover models.

If you're interested, send me an email at deityisland[at]gmail[dot]com with your name and details about which event you'll be attending.


Open Call for JLA Fan Art

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Hey All,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing an open call for any and all JLA fans who have created fan art for her books.

If you've shown your love of JLA, the Covenant series, the Lux series, or any of the other 100's of books she's got, LOL, through art - then I want to see them! I'll be a doing a feature showing off fan art and I'd love to feature your work!

Please send all artwork to deityisland[at]gmail[dot]com. If you've got a porfolio, like deviant art or whatever, you can send me that link, too. Be sure to tell me your name or even your Twitter handle so I can mention you! Thanks!


Cover Reveal: Unchained (Nephilim Rising #1)

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Jen recently revealed the cover to her upcoming adult paranormal/urban fantasy book from Entangled Select:

Unchained (Nephilim Rising #1)

Between the pissed off creatures that want demon-hunter Lily Marks dead and the fallen angel who just… wants her, Lily is about ready to trade in forever for a comfy job in a cubicle farm. 

 Mortal enemies, the fact that Lily and Julian are civil to one another is enough to have her thrown out of the Sanctuary. Even she can build a laundry list of why getting close to him is career suicide, but she can’t shake her not-so angelic stalker or how he brings her dangerously close to ecstasy. 

 As if Lily already didn’t have enough problems, the hits just keep coming. Blindsided when a traitor is discovered working from within the Sanctuary, Lily is shocked to find he's determined to get her kicked out. Her relationship with Julian provides the perfect fuel for suspicion, and she quickly finds herself being hunted by well, everyone. Her only hope is to discover the real traitor before she loses everything—and she'll need Julian's help. That is, if Julian is really there to help her … or destroy her. Yeah, being a Nephilim isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. 

Loving the cover, she's got a kickass girl right there, and you all should know how I love those kickass girls! (No, you don't?! Well then, you'd better read my review of Half-Blood, lol!) She's dressed to impress, and to kick your ass if need be. Yes, I know I keep saying "kick" and "ass", but seriously, it's just so kickass!

I really like the smoke/fog in the background and the whole moon/stone wall setting adds a bit of danger and flare to it.


Obsidian Mentioned on Good Morning Texas

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Yay for Jen and her Lux Series which was mentioned today by Fresh Fiction as a fantastic read for those who are looking for new and interesting books (her mention begins at around 3:05). I'm also a fan of the Lux series (Team Daemonized) and am so happy and proud of Jen and all she's being recognized for lately.

It can only get better from here!


Exciting News!!!

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Hey everyone,

Sorry I've been so MIA recently. I'm in the process of moving & settling in so things got hectic. Enough about that though.

Just letting you all know I will be in full-on news reporter mode now and make this the best JLA fansite there is!

Just to tease you a bit, I want to make sure you all visit on FRIDAY, MAY 4th for the BIG EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL of The Covenant Series' upcoming novella - Elixir, which is told in Aiden's POV.

I saw it & words just can't describe how AWESOME & BEAUTIFUL it is. So excited!!!!