Obsidian Trailer News & Teaser Pics

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Jen just posted some more teaser pictures from the Lux trailers. In addition to those already seen from the Obsidian trailer, there's also pictures from the upcoming Onyx & Opal trailers, which where shot all at the same time. Exciting!

Save the Date: Friday, July 6th - The Obsidian trailer will premiere on USA Today HEA

Be on the look out for behind-the-scenes interviews and footage with sneak peeks at the other two trailers on Friday, July 13th on USA Today.


Teaser from Onyx

Teaser from Onyx

Teaser from Opal


A Quote from Apollyon

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Jen is in the process of editing Apollyon right now, Book 4 in the Covenant series and since she is such a tease, she recently tweeted a a powerful and thought-provoking quote.

Who says this?! What's the context around it?! Does someone actually die?! I can't wait to find out!!!


More #DaemonInvasion Teaser Pictures

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Jen recently posted some more pictures from the Daemon Invasion tour. These are from Pepe & Sztella's photo shoot. Beautiful!


Have I Got a Challenge for You!

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In a few weeks you'll see this EPIC post go up regarding a certain Challenge that you might want to take part in!

I can't say much yet, but it involves books, discussions, prizes, and more!

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to create this amazing challenge and I hope you all will like it. Seriously, if it involves Jen and her books, you're going to love regardless, right?!

I'll tease you all a bit more next week!!!!!

HINT: Mark down July 9th on your calendars because you won't want to miss what's going on here starting on that day!


Elixir Teaser

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Ever the tease, Jen recently tweeted the last two lines from Elixir for fans to enjoy.

You know this only makes us want this more right, Jen?! November! Hurry up and get here!


New Trailer Teaser

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Jen teases fans again with another photo from the upcoming Lux series trailers. Those are some beautiful people right there!


A Deity Tattoo

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Want to know how serious some fans are for the Covenant series?!

Check out this cool tattoo super-fan Kayleigh just got on her wrist:

It's the Deity symbol, in case you didn't know. Love it!

She is a true fan indeed!


Jen was in the News!

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Jen recently tweeted this pic from her local newspaper. Pretty sweet!


#DaemonInvasion Tour Recap & a Sneak Peek at the Obsidian Trailer!

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BEA & the Daemon Invasion tour have come and gone. Sigh...

Hopefully you were lucky enough to attend one of these events to meet Jen and the cover models for the Lux series, if not Jen posted a great recap of her travels on her blog.

Jen's Tour Recap

Pepe and Sztella are so gorgeous and make such a cute couple!

Also, being the tease that she is, Jen just posted a couple of pictures from the upcoming Obsidian trailer that they worked on while on tour. Keep an eye out for the trailer coming in July!

Oh boy, shirtless Pepe/Daemon!


So This Happened...

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Just when you think you can't love Jen more, she goes and does something like this:

What is that, you say?! Why, it's just a dedication from Deity. With MY NAME in it. Oh yes. You read that right?!

You can imagine how much I was fangirling when I saw that. I am so truly touched and honored and I really want to thank Jen for thinking of me, as well as those other amazing ladies like Val & Momo. You are truly awesome, an amazing writer, and I can't believe my luck!

I know there are great things to come in your future Jen and I can't wait to read Deity! Thank you again, truly!


TWO More Books for the Gamble Brothers

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Jen just keeps getting more and more awesome. She recently shared news that there will be TWO more books about the Gamble brothers, from her latest novel Tempting the Best Man. One for each brother, Chandler and Chad, I'm SUPER excited for this since I was practically begging Jen for more Gamble brothers goodness.

The first book, Chad's story, will be released in late 2012, no specific date yet, but I'll update you as soon as I know! Eeeeeppppp!!!!