Fan Art Fridays [2]

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Even though I'm totally not an artist and a classic noob when it comes to graphic design, I thought I'd still share with you all my "fan art" and "Obsidian movie poster" for the Daemon Invasion for today's Fan Art Friday.

I know, I know, it's very mediocre. But the prettiness of the movie poster and the sexiness that is Daemon/Pepe makes up for it right?!!? I really do love that cookie scene and when Jen showed the fans the actual video to the cookie scene, oh, I melted! So sexy!!!

Anyways, what do you think?


Ice Cream - Deleted Scene from Obsidian

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Since Daemon won the YA Crush Tourney yesterday, Jen treated fans to an unedited, deleted scene from Obsidian titled - Ice Cream.

Sounds delicious, right?!


Ice Cream


Onyx Teasers & Daemon's YA Crush Tourney Results

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Congrats to Daemon for winning his first YA Crush Tourney! Was there ever any doubt?!

Jen treated fans to a whole slew of teasers from quite a few of her books. Yay!

Onyx Teaser

Daemon pulled me up against his chest and lowered his head, eyes snapping with restrained anger. “Don’t hit, Kitten. It’s not nice.”

Daemon's POV - Onyx Teaser

And I wasn’t thinking about the running kind of workout. Horizontal cardio. Hell, stand up, sit down, on the floor, anywhere anytime kind of cardio. I wasn’t picky.

Deity Teasers

Seth chuckled, and then his mouth was making its way to mine, and I opened for him. The edges of his hair tickled my cheeks as the kiss deepened. His fingers drifted down the front of my blouse and then they were sliding over the bare skin of my stomach.

I delighted in the feel of him pressed against my side, the way his breath stirred the hair at my temple. Last night hadn’t been a weird dream. Or if it had been, I wasn’t sure I wanted to wake up. Maybe he hadn’t been afraid of me running off when he slept. Perhaps he had searched for my closeness the way I sought his.

Cursed Teasers

A small grin tugged his lips. “Ember, you don’t know me as well as I know you.” His hands drifted up to my shoulders before sliding back down to the cuffs of my sweater, as if he was trying to warm me up. He was. His touch, even though it wasn’t against my skin, was doing strange things to me—affecting me in a way that created a warm flush all over my body. I struggled to find something intelligent to say. I came up with zilch. So I settled on a question that had been bugging me. “Why did you keep coming back to see me, Hayden?”

Concentrating on anything other than kissing him while, well, kissing him, didn’t seem likely.

Unchained Teaser

Julian squeezed her hands gently. “It’s okay,” he whispered just below her ear. “I’m not going to hurt you. If you tell me to stop, I will.”

Teaser from Deleted Scene in Obsidian

We argued the whole way into town: over the radio station, the speed limit, if my brakes needed replacing, and why I should get better tires before it snowed. When we finally arrived at the Mom and Pop style diner, Daemon got out the car first, hitting the automatic locks before I could open the door. “Argh!” I hit the unlock button and threw the door open. “Jerk!” Casting a sly grin over his shoulder, he opened the door for me. “Ladies first.”

I don't know about you, but I'm REALLY intrigued by that Unchained teaser. I want more!!!


Vote for Daemon in the YA Crush Tourney

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Team Daemon FTW

Daemon from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout will be going up against Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars in the Young Adult Crush Tournament today (Monday July 23). Valerie from is Daemon's advocate.

To vote just head on over to

For those who don’t know Daemon is from the Lux series (Obsidian and Onyx) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. To find out more about the series check out Jennifer’s website, here. Also check out the book trailer for Obsidian on Youtube.

500 Votes: A Daemon teaser from Onyx
800 Votes: A Daemon POV teaser from Onyx
1000 votes: Signed ARC of Onyx (Pepe, Sztella, and me)
1300 Votes: A juicy teaser from Deity and Cursed.
1550 Votes: Signed Daemon Invasion Tour swag
2000 Votes: A juicy teaser from Deity, Cursed, and Unchained
2500 Votes: A signed copy of Diety
3000 Votes: A reeeeeaaaal good teaser of Onyx
Winning Vote: A deleted, unedited Obsidian scene between Katy and Daemon
(**Remember** If Daemon or Aiden makes it into the final four, I will share the unedited, special edition "Laptop Scene")

Also don’t forget to join in on the Twitter party that will be lasting all day. There will even be the opportunity to win some awesome giveaways. To join in just use the hashtag #TeamDaemonFTW

“Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of hot boys.” - Obsidian

Go Team Daemon!


Car Scene from Pure - Aiden's POV

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In case you didn't know, Aiden won the YA Crush Tourney on Friday! Yay! It was a pretty close call, but JLA fans united and brought him to the finish line.

As a thank you, Jen has written that oh-so-delicious car scene from Pure in Aiden's POV.


Aiden POV


Car Scene from Pure - Extended Cut

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As if yesterday wasn't insane enough, with all the teasers and goodies, Jen treated the fans to this EXTENDED CUT from the very special Car Scene in Pure. If you've read the book, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't read Pure yet, seriously, what are you waiting for?!


Aiden glanced over at me, his lips parting. The intensity is gaze, the hunger I saw in his eyes, left me a bit dizzy. His chest rose sharply.
“Thank you,” I said, my voice sounding thick. “For doing all of this for me.”
“You don’t need to thank me.”
“When am I ever supposed to thank you?”
“When I do something truly worth you thanking me for,” Aiden responded.
Those words struck a deep chord in me, and I don’t know who moved first. Who leaned over the center console, who was the first to cross the invisible line between us? Who broke the rules first? Aiden? Me? All I did know was that we both moved. Aiden’s hands were around my face, and mine fell to his chest. To where his heart beat as fast as mine, and in an instant, our lips met. 
This kiss was nothing like the first one we shared. It left us both breathless by its raw intensity. There wasn’t a moment of hesitation or indecision. There was just want and need and a thousand other powerful, crazy things. His lips scorched mine, his hands dropping to my shoulders, sliding down my arms. My skin burned under my sweater, but oh, this was so much more than just a kiss. It was the way he touched the deepest parts of me. My heart and soul would never be the same. It was nearly overwhelming to realize something as powerful as that and it brought a sense of urgency that pushed me into the unknown.
Suddenly, I wasn’t close enough.
Without breaking contact, I started to rise, and Aiden seemed to be thinking along the same lines, because he gripped my waist, pulling me over the center and into his lap. Vaguely, I thanked the makers of the Hummer for the ingenuity behind making it such a roomy vehicle and for tinting the windows.
Aiden’s fingers pressed fire into my spine, and all thought fled. Urgency burned between us, deepening the kiss. A rich ache blossomed, spreading out of control. I pressed closer and one of his hands snaked down my hip and over my thigh. We kind of got lost in one another at that point. Someone, and I was pretty sure it wasn’t me, hit the control on the seat. However I couldn’t be sure of that. My hands were everywhere. So were Aiden’s.
But my body was flat against his, so I really didn’t care how the seat ended up the way it did. His lips left me spinning, gasping for air. I couldn’t get enough him. My hips moved toward him, my hands slid to his shoulders, down his arms, and under his shirt. The feel of his skin against mine was practically my undoing—or his. A button came undone and then another. Things spiraled madly. Everywhere he touched, my skin burned and my soul sung.
And even though I felt like I would come apart at any second, this was so much more than a physical thing. Desperation clung to the edge of each kiss, to the way our bodies moved and pressed together. So tightly I could feel his heart thundering. And in the midst of all these glorious sensations, I realized something so important, so powerful.
Aiden could tell me anything at this point. He could fight what lay between us night and day. He could speak only in lies from here on out. Aiden could even say he regretted what was happening. It didn’t matter.
I would always, always know differently.
Even if space separated us, or a dozen rules were imposed to keep us apart, and we could never be together, I would always know.
Aiden jerked back as far as he could in the seat, which really wasn’t very far at all. “Alex . . .” he breathed, voice ragged and thick. He trailed a finger over the bottom of my lip, around the faint scar. “Stop—we have to stop. I have to stop.”
I didn’t want to stop. Like ever. Capturing his hand, I pulled it from my lips and pressed my mouth against his again. He didn’t resist me at first. No. Aiden wanted this as badly as I did. I could tell by the way he moved, by the way his hands clenched my hips. Again, his heart pounded against mine, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. But he wretched his lips away from mine all too quickly, and this time, he held me back.
“I have to stop now,” he said again, breathing heavily. “If I don’t, I’ll never be able to stop. I’ll never be able to let you go if we do this.”
“Then don’t let me go,” I reasoned, reaching out and cupping his face. I brushed my thumbs over the smooth lines of his face. The rational part of my brain—the little part that dealt in logic, knew this was coming. The other part, full of hope and so much more, just didn’t want to let it all go yet.
He caught my hands, lowering to his chest. Aiden held them against his heart. “Not like this. You deserve so much more than this to be your —”
“I don’t care if it’s here or on the moon. Aiden, please—”
Aiden moved so fast, I didn’t have a chance to react. His hand moved up my back and sunk deep into my hair. He sort of cradled me to him, and when he spoke again, I felt his breath stir my hair. “It’s not that I don’t want this, Alex. I do. More than even you do.”
Somehow I doubted that. Because every part of me still wanted to.

Oh, Aiden! <3

Don't forget Jen will be releasing the car scene in Aiden's POV!


Deity Teasers and Aiden's YA Crush Tourney Results

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Well, yesterday was a pretty crazy day (more so in the real world, sad to say, but also in the book world - which is an exciting thing)! In the midst of hiding in my studying bubble, I had to come out to support my favorite guy, Aiden!

The Queen of teasers coughed up some pretty awesome incentives for the fans as the battle between Aiden and Ash went down. Both boys are swoonworthy and both advocates fought hard, but in the end, there can be only one winner -> AIDEN!!!!!!

WOOHOO!!!! YAY!!!!! It was definitely neck & neck there the whole time, but luckily, JLA fans came through.

I'm telling you, JLA fans are CRAZY awesome!!!!

You know what this means don't you?! Jen has promised fans the EPIC "car scene" from Pure in Aiden's POV. Oh yeah, baby!!! Can't wait for that!!!

For now, I've gathered all the awesome Deity teasers for you to drool over:

Aiden Teaser
 “I know things are different, Alex, but I will always be here for you. I will always help you.” He paused. “How can you ever doubt that?”

Seth Teaser 
I pushed at him weakly. “Get off.” “I was trying to.” Seth rolled over, running his hands down his face.
Scene from Deity 
“That’s enough,” Aiden said, shoving Seth as he let go. “Back off.” 
“You really want to get involved in this?” Seth asked. “Right now?” 
“More than you would ever know.” 
Akasha fizzled out and Seth pushed Aiden. “Oh, I think I do. And you know what, it’s something I think about… every time. You get what I’m saying?” 
“That’s the best you got, Seth?” Aiden went toe-to-toe with the Apollyon. 
And suddenly, I knew this wasn’t just about what had just happened. This was more. “Because I think you and I both know the truth about that.” 
Oh, dear gods, this was turning into a boy fight. 
Seth moved so fast it was hard to see him. An arm cocked back, aiming right for Aiden’s jaw. Reacting just as fast, Aiden caught Seth’s arm and threw him back again. 
“Try it again, and I won’t stop,” Aiden warned. 
A second later they were crashing into each other.

There were even a couple of Onyx teasers too:

Scene from Onyx
“Whatever, Kitten.” Daemon gripped my hips, lifting me onto the edge of the desk with an ease that was disturbing. “I know better.”

Onyx from Daemon's POV 
In between the kisses that unraveled me and then pieced me back together, I spoke things I never told anyone.

Oh, and did I mention Pepe/Daemon sure knows how to make you want a cookie! So adorable!

And don't forget that it's Daemon's turn on Monday!


Read the FIRST TWO Chapters of Onyx!

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Like I said earlier, only 27 more days until this bad boy hits shelves and Jen knows how much her fans are dying for a tease. So, she released the the FIRST TWO chapters of Onyx for you all to savor!
Thanks Jen!!!
Onyx Chapters 1 2 1


Did You Get YOUR Onyx Countdown Widget Yet?!

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The very awesome Petra of Safari Poet has created this beautiful countdown widget for Onyx:

So pretty right?! Thanks so much for making this. She's got some other awesome countdown widgets for fans of other books as well so be sure to check them out!

Who else is DYING to get their hands on Onyx?!

Only...27 more days!!!


Aiden & Daemon Need YOUR Votes for the YA Crush Tourney

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It's that time of year again where dedicated fan girls vote for their favorite book crushes as they face off against each other to win your hearts, and your votes, thanks to their advocates.

Of course our boys were nominated and they've got some competition, but with your help, and a little incentive from Jen, they will rise to the top!

7/20/12 - Aiden vs Ash (Iron Fey series)
Advocate: Kayleigh from K-Books
Jen's Incentives:
- If Aiden wins this round, I will do the zoo/car scene from Pure in his POV! 
- There are more incentives if Aiden makes it further: 
  - Signed Half-Blood, Pure, and Deity giveaways 
  - More Aiden POVs Seth POVs 
  - An early look at Deity

Don't forget to grab your buttons & support Aiden!

7/23/12 - Daemon vs Augustus
Advocate: Valerie from Stuck in Books
Jen's Incentives:
- If Daemon wins this round, I will show a never before scene between Katy and Daemon (between Obsidian and Onyx) 
- There are more incentives if Daemon makes it further: 
  - Onyx copies signed by Pepe, Sztella, and me 
  - Swag signed by the three of us 
  - More Daemon stuff and never seen before pics 
  - The scene we filmed that never happened in the books And the full, uncut laptop scene from the trailer

Don't forget to grab your buttons & support Daemon!

Remember to vote!


Updated Prizes for the Reading Challenge and a LIVE Chat with the Author!

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Guess what Half-Bloods?!

I've just updated the JLA Reading Challenge page to include SIGNED swag from Jennifer! Yay! A BIG THANK YOU to the author for donating it to the challenge. I'm sure there will be more prizes and fun along the way!

Also, Jennifer will be doing a LIVE chat with the fans at the end of each challenge. How exciting is that?! The dates and times will be announced closer to their dates and they will either be video or chat room-style chats, which will be determined at the time. Thank you so much to Jennifer!

And this is only the beginning! What are you waiting for?! If you haven't done so already, SIGN UP for the challenge! Don't forget I'm giving away a copy of Onyx to get you started!!!!


Behind the Scenes of the Lux Series Trailers

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After a slight mishap this morning on HEA USA Today, Jen thankfully released the awesome Behind-the-Scenes video for the Lux series today on her blog.

Oh boy, how sexy was that when Pepe/Daemon took a bite out of that cookie?!?! Swoon!!!!

Everyone seems to agree that "The Laptop Scene" is their favorite, lol. It was pretty funny to see one of the West brothers working the lights/lamp during that scene.

And for those of you who have read Onyx, I'm sure you'll recognize some pivotal scenes being teased in this video. So excited for the Onyx trailer!!!

Looks like they all had a TON of fun.

What do you all think?! Excited to see the rest of the trailers?!

Remember that the trailer for Onyx goes live on August 1st!!!!

*Also, don't forget to sign up for the JLA Reading Challenge & enter to WIN a copy of Onyx!*


Fan Art Fridays [1]

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Since the fan art for Jen's books are slowly, but surely increasing, I thought I'd start the Fan Art Fridays feature to showcase them instead of it being all random. I also tagged the other fan art posts w/the FAF tag, even though they weren't posted on Friday, it's just to keep it consistent and all in one place.

It might not be every week, but it will always be on Friday, and I might have either one or many to showcase so stay tuned!

This one was recently done by the fabulous Jennifer Avey, love her artwork!

What do you think?!


Cursed Trailer

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Yay! Today Jen released the teaser trailer for her upcoming hardcover novel, Cursed, which comes out September 18th.

What did you all think of the trailer? Excited for Cursed?

Don't forget to pre-order your copy today: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository


Introducing the JLA Reading Challenge! Time for Sign-Ups! #JLARC

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Welcome to the JLA Reading Challenge in honor of Jennifer L. Armentrout and her awesomeness. I figured since Jen is gracing us with a new delicious book every month this year starting in August, why not do a reading challenge so people new and old can revel in the wonderful book worlds she has created! Jennifer L. Armentrout is the author of fabulous books such as The Covenant Series and The Lux series, as well as so many other books. Seriously, this lady pumps out fantastic books like nobody's business!

Yes, Jen has got FIVE, count 'em FIVE books (plus a novella) coming out in the latter half of the year and wouldn't you just love the challenge of reading all her books and talking about them with other fans?! In case you didn't know, her upcoming releases for the year will be Onyx (Lux Series #2), Cursed, Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers #2), Deity (Covenant Series #3), Elixir (Covenant Series - Aiden's novella), and Opal (Lux Series #3).

Awesome, right?! Thank. You. Jen!


I CHALLENGE YOU... to (re)read all of JLA's books and post a NEW review/post about it from August 1st-December 31st, 2012. Each month, a new post will go up explaining which book(s) to read and a Linky List will be provided for you to add your review/post. At the end of each month, we will be giving away one of Jen's books to one lucky person who links up their review/post.


August 1st-31st 
- (Re)Read the Lux series: Obsidian, Shadows, Onyx 
- Post your thoughts or a NEW review about any/all of the books on any of the outlets listed below
- Add your link to the linky to be entered to win a copy of Cursed, a Swag Pack, Cursed poster & Daimon bookmark, Daimon bookmark & Half-Blood guitar pick

September 17th-October 18th*
- (Re)Read Cursed
- Post your thoughts or a NEW review about it on any of the outlets listed below
- Add your link to the linky to be entered to win ONE of THREE ebook copies of Tempting the Player, TWO different Swag Packs

October 15th-November 16th*
- (Re)Read Tempting the Best Man
- Post your thoughts or a NEW review about it on any of the outlets listed below
- Add your link to the linky to be entered to win a copy of Deity, a Swag Pack, Deity ARC, Daimon bookmark & Half-Blood guitar pick

November 1st-30th 
- (Re)Read the Covenant Series: Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir
- Post your thoughts or a NEW review about any/all of the books on any of the outlets listed below
- Add your link to the linky to be entered to win ONE of THREE ebook copies of Tempting the Best Man, a Swag Pack, Elixir poster & Daimon bookmark

December 1st-31st
- (Re)Read Tempting the Best Man
- Post your thoughts or a NEW review about it on any of the outlets listed
- Add your link to the linky to be entered to win a copy of Opal, a Swag Pack, Half-Blood poster & Daimon bookmark

*These two months overlap with others because of the book release dates & I wanted to give participants ample time to read each book, but the rules are still the same.*


- Physical copies of Onyx, Cursed, Deity, and Opal
- eBook copies of Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player
- Preorder of ONE of Jen's 2013 releases (TBD as release dates are announced, details subject to change)

Update #1: SIGNED bookmarks, stickers, & guitar picks have been added to the stash of giveaway prizes.

Update #2: SIGNED ARC of Deity, SIGNED Large Posters of Cursed, Half-Blood, & Elixir.

*New prizes may be added as the challenge progresses and I will keep you updated if that happens.*
*Winners are chosen at RANDOM from the Linky List as long as they followed the rules/guidelines*


1. In order to participate in the Challenge, you must SIGN UP via the Linky List below. You can join the Challenge at any time as long as you sign up (the Linky will remain open throughout the Challenge). Your link must be on this list in order to be eligible for prizes.

2. Each month will feature a different book/series that you will be challenged to read. You can read any of Jen's books in whatever order you'd like, but I'm sure it'd be more fun to go with the challenge and read whichever book we're featuring for the month. As long as you reviewed the book(s) anytime from August 1-December 31st, it counts as an entry into our giveaways.

3. Post a NEW review to any of these media outlets - Your Blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Facebook. If you've already written a review somewhere, you can either write a NEW review on an outlet you haven't written on OR simply post about the book (i.e. thoughts about the re-reading the books) on any of the aforementioned websites.

4. Add a link of your review/post to the provided Linky List in the Monthly Challenge Post. The Linky will open on the 1st of the month and close THREE days after the end of the month (for those who don't have time to link up on that day). Only reviews/posts made during that month for the book(s) challenged will count towards the giveaway. If you post multiple reviews on different websites, each one counts as ONE entry. As long as the review was written within that month, it counts.

5. At the end of the Challenge, I'll do a Wrap-Up post and host a giveaway for ONE of Jen's 2013 releases (Title -TBD, details subject to change). Once release dates are announced, I'll let you know which book is up for grabs in the post. There might even be something special for those who participate every month, so keep that in mind.

6. All giveaways are valid ONLY for wherever The Book Depository ships, so if you're entering the giveaways, please make sure they ship to you.

7. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email Vivian at DEITYISLAND[AT]GMAIL[DOT]COM and I'll do my best to answer them.

I hope you got all that! Now are you ready for the Challenge?!

Then Sign Up Below:

Oh, and to get the ball rolling, I've decided to start things off with a giveaway of Onyx (Lux Series #2) for anyone who writes a blog post about the Challenge. Bonus points if you include the nifty Challenge button! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below with a link to your post and you might win a copy of Onyx (just in time to start this awesome Challenge, too)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Official Obsidian Book Trailer

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Here it is JLA and Lux fans! The exciting trailer for Obsidian featuring the cover models:

Well,that was certainly a lot of kissing and a lot of Daemon (Pepe) shirtless. I love it! There's definitely a mysterious, sci-fi aspect that draws you to the book and I like that it grabs your attention. Plus, all the hot scenes between Daemon & Katy makes people wanna know what's going on. Can't wait to see the Behind-the-Scenes stuff next week!

What did you think of the trailer?


Obsidian Trailer Promo Poster

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Only one more day until the release of the Obsidian trailer on HEA USA Today! Get excited people!


Amazing Obsidian & JLA Fan Art

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Jennifer Avey is simply amazing & so talented! You might remember her from my last Fan Art post where she did a piece on Daemon.

In case you didn't see, she did this stunning piece of art based off of the cover of Onyx:

And recently, she did this gorgeous rendition of Jen's NEW author pictures, which were taken by VLC Productions:

So pretty!!!


Cursed Dust Jacket

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SHP recently announced that Cursed, Jen's standalone book, has gone to print! Yay! I can't wait to see it in all its glory!

Jen also shared with fans what the full dust jacket will look like. This will be her first hardcover book, which is super awesome and I know it won't be the last!


Jennifer Answers Some FAQs

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Jen recently posted some answers to FAQs she's been getting from fans:

Q. The digital versions of Obsidian (both B&N and Amazon) are saying that there is a sneak peek of Onyx, but it's not there. What's up with that? And can you send me Onyx because it doesn't have it and where can I get the two chapters?
A. I don't know why the digital formats say that. It's only ever been in the print version. Truth is, I don't have anything to do with that. I just write books. Entangled Teen is aware of the misleading page at the beginning of the digital formats and are trying to get it rectified. I can't send you Onyx. Sad face. Right this moment, only the print version of Obsidian has the two chapters, but I'm sure they'll be a sneak peek coming up soon and near release.

Q. Can you do an interview?
A. I pretty much never turn down an interview, but it may take a week or so for me to answer the questions, so please make sure you have time for me to do the questions. Sometimes I avoid my email. *Chuckles* Shameful, but true.

Q. Can you send me swag?
A. No. Not right now. I'm not sending out any swag, not even w/ interviews right now. What I have is currently allocated for other giveaways and what not. I need to restock on the swag and it will change in the future, but I am not sending out any swag at this moment.

Q. Is Obsidian being made into a film?
A. Unless you know something I don't, not yet. Giggle. The pictures that everyone is seeing, featuring Pepe and Sztella, are from the book trailers that were filmed in early June.

Q. What is a book trailer?
A. It's like a movie trailer for books. Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal all have filmed book trailers.

Q. Where can I view the trailer?
A. Obsidian (live on July 6th) and the Behind the Scenes footage (July 13th) will be premiered on USA TODAY. No matter where you live in the world, you'll be able to view it there. It will also go up on my blog and I'm sure other blogs out there.

Q. How many books are in the Covenant Series?
A. Five total and two novellas. And here they are in order: Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, Elixir, Apollyon, and Sentinel. Five total and one novella in the Lux series: Shadows, Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, Untitled 4, and Untitled 5.

Q. What about Cursed?
A. Right now, it's a standalone.

Q. Covenant spin-off?
A. Whoa. I about fell out of my chair when I got an email asking about that. I'm not even finished writing Sentinel yet, so I don't know anything about a Covenant spin off.

She also gave fans a cute picture of Pepe & Sztella to smile at:


Need Another Reason to Read Jennifer's Books?!

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Remember that EPIC challenge I hinted at last week?! Well, guess what?! It's a JLA Challenge!!!


She has SO many books out already and a TON more on the way this latter half of the year, it would be a challenge of epic proportions to read them all!

And that's exactly what I want you all to do! Join me here next week as I introduce the JLA Reading Challenge and open sign-ups. All the details will be explained and questions answered on July 9th so be sure to visit then!

The Challenge begins in August!


Poll Results + A New Poll & Quote of the Month

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Welcome to July folks!

You know what that means - a new PotM & QotM! Take a peek at the sidebar over there and vote for your FAVORITE COVENANT COVER and laugh it out over this hilarious QUOTE FROM PURE!

Also, the results are in for the FAN FAVORITE BOOK:

Obsidian killed it, with Pure coming in 2nd! I did love Pure a TON but I guess I'll have to give Obsidian a second read because even though I loved it, like all JLA books, it didn't affect me like the Covenant series did?!

We shall see!!!

P.S. Speaking of re-reads, be sure to check back tomorrow for more news regarding a certain challenge that is supposed to start on JULY 9TH!

P.S.S. ICYMI, I have included the release dates for all of Jen's books for the rest of the year on the sidebar to your right. Opal & Elixir do not have a set date yet, but once they do, I'll let you all know. All of them are available for pre-order, too!

EDIT: Elixir is due on Nov. 27th & Opal comes out Dec. 11th!