#DaemonInvasion Tour Recap & a Sneak Peek at the Obsidian Trailer!

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BEA & the Daemon Invasion tour have come and gone. Sigh...

Hopefully you were lucky enough to attend one of these events to meet Jen and the cover models for the Lux series, if not Jen posted a great recap of her travels on her blog.

Jen's Tour Recap

Pepe and Sztella are so gorgeous and make such a cute couple!

Also, being the tease that she is, Jen just posted a couple of pictures from the upcoming Obsidian trailer that they worked on while on tour. Keep an eye out for the trailer coming in July!

Oh boy, shirtless Pepe/Daemon!

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  1. They are such a hot couple!! I can't wait to see the trailer for Obsidian!! (Well all of them really, but Obsidian is good for now.)