Some Scintillating Teasers and Book Release Updates

6:43 PM Vi Win Win 1 Comments

I've been slacking, I know, but I've been sick lately and therefore unable (or rather unwilling) to do anything productive.

Anyways, Jen recently posted some yummy teasers for fans to enjoy.

Here's one from Tempting the Bodyguard:

And a teardrop moment from Origin:

Oh, Daemon...

Also, Jen has been getting a lot of questions about her 2013 book releases and some things have changed, so she updated fans (gotta love Jen's humor, btw) with what will most likely stay true for the rest of the year in regards to her book releases in 2013.

Yes, Tempting the Bodyguard has sadly been pushed back until November, but thankfully we still have a bunch of Jen's books to keep us entertained until then. I have updated the sidebar with the current release dates, too.

Only 15 more days until Apollyon! Yay!!

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  1. Ohhh awesome teaser from Tempting the Bodyguard!!! Ugh!! So far away!! And OMG that Origin teaser. *sniffle* I can't wait for ALL of them!!! At least we get a JLA book almost every month for the rest of the year!! ;)