Wait for You Series News

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Jen announced the title and release date for one of her sekrit projects, which involves the Wait for You series.

There will be a novella centered around Wait for You, but in Cam's POV. This story will also get readers more familiar with Ollie & Jase. And it releases October 22nd, so we have yet another JLA book to look forward to this year. I'm so excited!

The title is Trust in Me. You can pre-order it here. Add it to Goodreads.

How freaking awesome is that?!

In addition, Jen announced the release date for the second book in the series, Be With Me, which tells the story of Jase & Teresa (Cam's sister). This will be out February 4, 2014. It's still a ways to go, but we have so many titles in the mean time, I love it!

I've updated the sidebar and book pages of Deity Island with all the appropriate information. I swear, Jen is always surprisings readers with amazing news.

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  1. Ahh read Wait for You last weekend so amazing in love can't wait!