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*BIG THANKS to Ishita at OMGItsFishy for the awesome banner!*

I knew I had to do something epic here on Deity Island in celebration of Sentinel's upcoming release. Since Sentinel is the last book in this truly amazing series, I thought a fun little Read-Along would be the best thing for everyone.

This Read-Along will run from August 2nd-October 31st, giving you a few days to get recuperate and get pumped for Sentinel, which releases on November 2nd AND since the Sentinel Release Party will be hosted in my hometown of Philadelphia, that means there will be some pretty awesome prizes up for grabs.

The Deets:
- August 2nd (Week 1): Daimon Read-Along
- August 9th (Week 2): Daimon Questions AND Half-Blood Read-Along, Chapters 1-11
- August 16th (Week 3): Half-Blood, Chapters 1-11 Questions AND Half-Blood Read-Along, Chapters 12-21
- August 23rd (Week 4): Half-Blood, Chapters 12-21 Questions AND Pure Read-Along, Chapters 1-13
- August 30th (Week 5): Pure, Chapters 1-13 Questions AND Pure Read-Along, Chapters 14-27
- September 6th (Week 6): Pure, Chapters 14-27 Questions AND Deity Read-Along, Chapters 1-11
- September 13th (Week 7): Deity, Chapters 1-11 Questions AND Deity Read-Along, Chapters 12-23
- September 20th (Week 8): Deity, Chapters 12-23 Questions AND Deity Read-Along, Chapters 24-34
- September 27th (Week 9): Deity, Chapters 24-34 Questions AND Elixir Read-Along
- October 4th (Week 10): Elixir Questions AND Apollyon Read-Along, Chapters 1-10
- October 11th (Week 11): Apollyon, Chapters 1-10 Questions AND Apollyon Read-Along, Chapters 11-21
- October 18th (Week 12): Apollyon, Chapters 11-21 Questions AND Apollyon Read-Along, Chapters 22-30
- October 25th (Week 13): Apollyon, Chapters 22-30 Questions AND Apollyon Read-Along, Chapters 31-37
- October 31st (Week 14): Apollyon, Chapters 31-37 Questions

I'll probably do a wrap-up post on November 1st to just tie everything together in the end.

The Rules:
- You can read each book at your own pace, it's totally up to you. Join in any time you like, too. You can read the physical books, ebooks, or even listen to the audiobooks. Above all else, I want this to be a fun time for all Covenant fans to revel in this series before the final book, Sentinel, comes out. *tear*

- In order to be eligible to win one of the prizes, you must SIGN UP for the Read-Along and participate as much as you can by answering the book questions that I will be posting each week pertaining to the chapters we read that week. Some questions will be trivia while others will be opinion/personal thoughts questions. I'll be picking winners based on whoever participates the most and/or gets the most questions right.

- The Question Forms will remain open the up until the Read-Along ends as I know that we are all very busy people and might not have time to answer questions on a particular day or read at the same pace as the Read-Along suggests. The forms will close at MIDNIGHT on Nov. 6th, exactly, so that I have time to tally up the results and pick a winner.

- Each form will have an area for you to post your thoughts on what we've read so far. I will pick some of my favorites and post them on the following week's post. I'll do my best to remain spoiler-free for those who haven't read that far yet. Or, if no one has anything to say, I'll post my thoughts on what we've read so far.

- If you have ANY questions or concerns, you can always leave a comment below or email me.

The Prizes:
- SIGNED Copy of Sentinel by JLA (One US & One INT'L)
- SIGNED Copy of Wait for You by JLA (US Only)
- SIGNED Copy of Origin (US Only)
- SIGNED Copy of Frigid by JLA & Cover Model, Adam (US Only)
- SIGNED Bookmarks (variety packs - US & INT'L)
- SIGNED Bookmarks from K-Books (UK Only)
- THREE Sentinel T-Shirts from SHP (US & Canada)
- ONE Covenant-themed Jewelry Piece from Hebel Designs (INT'L)
- ONE Set of Covenant series bookmarks from I Heart Big Books (INT'L)

*More prizes may be added as the Read-Along progresses.*

I hope you will all join me during this time and read the Covenant series along with me. It'll definitely be fun to discuss the books with you guys.

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  1. OMG This is so exciting I can't wait!!!

  2. Eeee I am SO excited for Sentinel! And so sad it's going to end. =(