Lux Read-Along: Week 8

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Welcome to Week EIGHT of The Lux Series Read-Along. If you want to know more about the Read-Along, sign up for it, and get all the details, check out this page here. You'll find links to all the weekly posts on that page, too.

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Now, let's discuss what you read during the week, Origin, Chapters 1-15.

Here's what I thought about the chapters I read so far:

I totally felt for Daemon & Katy in this. Their emotions were so raw and real. I loved it. And I seriously hated Blake. He definitely got what he deserved.

Thank you all for your feedback on the last half of Opal. I loved all your responses about the book. Here's what some readers had to say:

Kelsey McFee says "This was my favorite out of the three before Origin came out. Daemon is really romantic!!!!"

Brielle Lassiter-Helou says "The award for creepy character of the year goes to Blake for climbing into bed with Katy without her knowing. Most romantic goes to Daemon for the prom night setup. "

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Next up, we'll be reading Origin, Chapters 16-31.

So what did you think of the book so far?

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See you all next week.

Happy reading!