JLA Live Chat Next Week! Submit Your Questions NOW!

9:58 AM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

Hey JLA readers!

So, the Lux Read-Along has been over for a few weeks now. I'm still in the process of sorting through the winners, but I wanted to announce that the JLA Live Chat will be happening sometime next week.

The official date and time are still TBA, but all questions being answered during the chat will only come from those submitted through the form below, so I wanted to get that form up now so people have time to submit them.

Keep in mind, anyone can view the chat and comment, we want a lively a fun chat, but due to time constraints and keeping everything in order, any and all questions that Jen will answer has be from the form below. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

If you have any questions, just let me know!