JLA Pays Your Way to RT Las Vegas!

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If you've ever wanted to attend the amazing event that is the RT Booklover's Convention, which will be in Las Vegas in 2016, AND you like to write, then you'll want to know about this amazing contest.

The ever-generous JLA is hosting her 3rd annual "Write Your Way to RT" contest. What exactly is this contest? Well, it's basically a chance to put your writing chops to the test.

To enter this contest you can fan fic one of the author’s books below to enter or write an original piece. You can mix and match books, characters. You can flip a POV of a scene or you can create a whole new one. You can do something entirely original. It’s not a complete story, but you must have a beginning, a middle, and an end to your scene. What you write is up to you, but you do NOT want to just submit 1500 words of a manuscript you’re working on, unless it has a clear end to the scene. You cannot exceed 1500 words.

The panel of judges includes amazing authors such as Jay Crownover, Cora Carmack, Veronica Rossi, and more. You have from now until Dec 31st to submit your entry to RTcontest@outlook.com and trust me, you'll want to enter. I've been dying to go to RT for years!

Here's a breakdown of the prizes:

Grand Prize
You will be flown into Vegas on Tuesday, April 12th 2016 (if flying is required) and you will be able to attend all the RT events and panels through the 17th of April, leaving on Sunday. RT events do continue throughout Sunday, but if you would like to stay the extra day, you’re on your own for that one.
Your hotel will be covered.
Your registration, valued at $495 will be covered.
You will be at RT, hanging with readers and writers.

Runner- Up
Will receive a box of books and swag!

2nd Place Winner
Will receive a box of books and swag!

The winner will be announced on Feb 13, 2016.

For more information and all the rules, check out Jen's blog post about it.

P.S. As per her usual, Jen is hosting a giveaway in honor of her latest release - Forever With You. Go enter!

Good luck!