Details Regarding the Recent Obsidian Movie News

9:00 AM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

JLA recently blogged about the details regarding the Obsidian movie news. ICYMI, the screenwriter was announced.

Ava Dellaria will be adapting Obsidian for film. Some of you may know Ava as the novelist behind the amazing Love Letters to the Dead. She’s also a screenwriter and has adapted her own book for 20th Century Fox and was the associate producer on Perks Of Being a Wallflower.

Ava is not only extraordinarily talented, she is also very sweet. Hearing that she has read the entire Lux Series and loves the dynamic between the characters should set everyone at ease when it comes to the adaptation. Ava is a novelist and because of that, she understands more than anyone the fine line that exists between a movie and the book’s adaptation. She respects the original material, and that tells me that Daemon and Kat, Dee and everyone else, is in great, capable hands. She’s going to do amazing things with the screenplay and I cannot wait to read it!

Jen also met with the production company and discussed details about their vision of the movie and so forth.

The best thing about this team is that they understand the Lux Series and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Not just one book. They’ve read the entire series and everything they said spoke to my little writer heart. I wish I could tell you everything we talked about, because we talked about some super exciting developments, but what I can tell you that they are extremely determined and dedicated to getting the Obsidian movie made. I left that meeting one hundred percent positive that Obsidian was in great hands and they’re going to do amazing things with the adaptation.

Those are the key points of what Jen announced, but you're welcome to read more of what she has to say on her recent blog post.