Recap of the Cursed, TtP, & Onyx Live Chat with JLA

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Hey guys,

Since I know a lot of you weren't able to make the chat the other night, I got a few requests to do a recap of what Jen talked about.

All I can do is tell you her answers to the submitted questions since those were written down. All the "free range" questions (random) at the end of the chat were kind of a blur, so sorry about that.


1. Any plans on a Cursed sequel? I felt that the ending kinda called for one.

talks for a sequel or a companion novel, nothing definite yet 

2. If they made Cursed in a movie, who would YOU chose to play Hayden and Ember? Or would you chose new faces? :)

totally bad at doing these kinds of things, no idea

3. Did you come up with Ember's power first or the idea of people with super powers?

inspiration from Pet Cemetery about animals coming back to life, Ember's sister w/that power, story growing from there

4. Cursed is your 1st HC, is there any chance the Covenant series will come out in HC too?

there are talks about making a box set of the Covenant series, but nothing on HCs yet

5. What kind of super power would you want?

The ability to read minds, so you'd know what people really think, since a lot of people tend to say one thing, but mean/think another

Tempting the Player:

1. Tempting the Player is about Chad's story, but will there be enough of Chase and Madison as well?

yes there is plenty of Chase & Madison in TtP

2. What made you decide to continue the story with the Gamble brothers? And which brother is your favorite to write about?

liked writing about them, the brothers are interesting, and people (publishers) wanted more; Chandler is the fav

3. How did you come up with the idea for the Tempting series? It's a little different then what is currently out.

don't remember how

4. Anything about Chandler? Release date?

Chandler's love interest is a character in Tempting the Player; tentatively scheduled for Spring 2013

5. Thoughts on new covers?

love them, so sexy


1. Will you ever do a Daemon POV of when he first met Kat?

there is one out there, either in the new PB version, or the ebook version (unsure)

2. Will Dawson ever be like he used to, or has the torturous years with the DoD changed him forever?

he definitely has some problems and a bit of adjusting to do, but it won't be that bad

3. In Onyx, what was in the note daemon intercepted and re wrote on between Katy and Clarissa?

still not allowed to say

4. Did you always expect Daemon to stop right before they have sex?

the Lux series was originally supposed to be 3 books, and in that thought, D&K were supposed to have sex in Onyx, but since the series grew to 5 books, this had to get edited out. no word on if/when they will actually have sex though

5. What are your favorite traits from your characters in the Lux series?

Their stubbornness and loyalty

6. Who you would have play Katy and Daemon and Dee if they made it into a movie? Or would you cast new faces?

no idea, terrible at these things, but always thought Alex Pettyfer would be a great Seth in the Covenant series

General Questions:

1. If you could do a cross-over with characters from another series, who would they be?

Tod from Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent

2. What book release have you been most excited about this year?


3. What are you working on now?

Finishing up Origin (Lux #4)

Hope you guys like the recap and be sure to stay tuned for news on Jen's next Live Author Chat for Deity & Opal! Oh, and I promise to have a better transcript for that chat!

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  1. Loved the live chat!! First time ever that I listened to something like this and it was completely awesome :)