WTH, Let's Add Onyx to the Chat Too!!!

9:21 PM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

ICYMI, Jen is doing a LIVE Author Chat for the JLA Reading Challenge next Wed, Oct 24th at 7:30pm EST.

I originally planned it to just be about Cursed and Tempting the Player, since we didn't do a chat last month. But then I realized, we didn't do a chat for August, too! For shame, I know.

So, I've added Onyx to the mix so you can now ask all your burning questions for Onyx and the Lux series! Yay!

Remember, Jen will only be answering questions submitted via the form below, although there will be time at the end for an open Q&A for those who didn't get their questions in. But, really, it's just easier this way.