A New Apollyon Teaser

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Jen has started writing Sentinel, the final book in the Covenant series. Yay! She also thought it would be nice to tease the fans with a snippet from Apollyon. Dying for this book!

Absolute power—unforgiving and hard, pure as it was deadly— coursed over my skin. I reared back, summoning the fifth and final element. Intense blue light erupted from my palm. Akasha ripped from me, arcing through the air like cloud-to-cloud lightning, homing in on its target and striking true. The sky crackled and heated. One second, the automaton was on his knee, and the next he was nothing but a pile of shimmery dust. “Good gods,” came Olivia’s hoarse whisper. Another automaton took the fallen one’s place, swinging out with a metal hand that clinked and clicked. Fire sparked from its open mouth. I spun, catching the broad side of his arm and twisting. The hoarse shout of pain was lost in the clash of metal, the thunder of bullets finding another automaton. It raised its bull face and snapped at me with massive jaws. “Please.” I placed my hand on the massive forehead. Blue light coursed over the head and down the body, lightening up the metallic skull and bone structure. For a moment, it was like a pretty x-ray or a jellyfish—a really disturbing jellyfish—and then cobalt light radiated from its eyes and open mouth. It imploded—caved in on itself, turning to nothing but dust. And then the crap really hit the fan. The automatons—every last one of the freaky bull things—turned on me. They moved quickly, metal legs rattling and clinking. Fire spewed from their mouths like the poor man’s version of a dragon. They came from all directions, Apollyon-seeking missiles with “Kill Alex” stamped all over them. Fire came from them, blinding and intense. Nothing existed outside the flames. No sound. No sight. My world was red and orange... And my world was tinted in amber. Alex? His voice came through the thrumming connection. I ignored him and the way his consciousness slid in alongside mine. What are you up to?

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