JLA Readathon - Day 2: The Covenant Series Trivia Questions

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Hey everyone! So sorry about not being able to post trivia questions yesterday. My internet was out!


Welcome to Day 2 of the JLA Readathon (let's just pretend it is for the sake of these questions)!

Today's challenge involves reading The Covenant Series.

Below you'll find questions from all the books in the Covenant Series - Daimon, Half-Blood, Pure, Deity, & Elixir. I'll be posting the questions to The Lux series later on today! Be sure to answer as many questions as you can to be entered to win some cool prizes. The full list of prizes can be found on Stuck in Books.

Remember, that the JLA Reading Challenge is still going on for December, and that includes ALL of Jen's books, so if you're participating in the JLA Readathon, and want to review any of those books, you can totally put that in as an entry in the JLA Reading Challenge! We've got some excellent prizes!!!

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  1. oki and one challenge done not tha t easy since my copy of deity hasn't arrived yet - same for elixir but i have the difital copy but i was tol to read it after deity so i did what i could)