Daemon Teasers

9:35 AM Vi Win Win 2 Comments

Jennifer tweeted some pretty mysterious and intriguing teasers last night that really get you wondering the the heck is going on here?! I love it!! Oh, how I love teasers!

Daemon nodded. “According to the YA mafia leader, Luc, that’s what we have.”
“And this kid is trustworthy?” Matthew asked.
“I can speak for him.”
I looked at SPOILER blandly. “That’s a ringing endorsement.”


His brows lowered as he shook his head, confounded, and then he threw his arms around me, squeezing me so tightly I squealed. 
“God, I don’t even know…” He cupped the back of my head as he twisted away from the group, lowering his voice. “I was scared to death.”
“I’m okay.” My voice was muffled. “What about you? You had to have—”
“It’s all off me. Don’t even worry about that.” A shudder rocked him. “Damn, Kitten…”

She also tweeted this sexy picture of Pepe being such a gentleman and helping them carry a box during one of their Daemon Invasion tour stops. Awwww!!!