Have YOU Joined in on the JLA Reading Challenge Yet?!

8:00 AM Vi Win Win 3 Comments

I really wanted to be active this month because this month is dedicated to the Lux series!

But, sadly, I'm *kinda* on hiatus while I'm studying for a HUGE exam. BOOOO!!!!

Anyways, just wanted to make sure people don't forget about the JLA Reading Challenge for the Lux series this month.

AND...in case you didn't know, I added a BUNCH of awesome swag to the prize list (see below):

That means that there will definitely be MORE THAN ONE WINNER for each month. Remember, I'm giving away a pre-order of Cursed this month too, so get those reviews in!!!!!

There will also be LIVE AUTHOR CHATS with Jen at the end of each month, so you don't want to miss that! :)


  1. Aw, I wanted to join but the JLA books I read aren't mine and I don't know if I could get them in time. I will join next time! >.<

  2. Gahhh look at all the pretty swag! Totally eyeing those Onyx bookmarks haha ;)