A Sweet and Juicy Opal Teaser

9:12 PM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

Jen gave fans a treat today by teasing us with this little tidbit from Opal.

I pulled back, drawing in a sharp breath. Our eyes locked. A wealth of emotion shone in his brilliant green eyes. He cupped my cheek with one hand tenderly, and he spoke in his lovely language. It sounded like three lyrical words—a short, beautiful verse. “What did you say?” I asked, my fingers loosening around the cover. His smile was secretive and then his lips were on mine again and my eyes drifted shut. I let go of the blanket, felt it slip away, pool around my hips, and I felt Daemon stop breathing for a moment.

I think I have an idea what Daemon said and that last part when Daemon stopped breathing for a sec, WHEW! I'm seriously dying for this book!