JLA Hosts an Auction to Raise Money for Sandy Relief

9:00 AM Vi Win Win 0 Comments

I always told you Jen is all kinds of awesome. She proves it yet again by doing her part to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Jen is auctioning off 15, count 'em, FIFTEEN SIGNED books to the highest bidder from now until Nov. 18th. She's even going to match the highest bid (up to $1000), how freaking awesome is that?!

Here's a list of what's up for auction, straight from Jen's blog:

Plus signed swag from each book, including Opal and limited Deity bookmarks
Shattered Souls (Mary Lindsey)
Starcrossed (Josie Angelini)
For Darkness Shows the Stars (Diana Peterfruend)
13 to Life (Shannon Delany)
The Lost (Caridad Pinero)
Sea Lord/ Sea Witch/ Immortal Sea (Virginia Kanta)

*I will also throw in the first two chapters from Opal and Apollyon printed out. I may even draw pictures on it.*

Absolutely amazing! Not only is this for a great cause, all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, but the winner gets some pretty cool stuff!

Now, if you want to place your bid, just post the amount you're willing to pay in the comments on Jen's blog post, and when then payments will be made via Paypal.