Another Wait For You Teaser & A Giveaway

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March 4th is slowly creeping up, which is getting Jen and fans super excited! Today Jen treats fans to another teaser from Wait For You:

“Yes,” I whispered.
He didn’t say anything again for another long moment. Instead, his eyes moved over my face in a slow perusal. “You okay?” I nodded.
His hand moved down and his thumb brushed the edge of my lip. I sucked in a sharp breath, becoming hyperaware of how close we were. Strange, I realized. I had wanted something to say to make the night disappear, but it wasn’t necessarily words I needed.
A touch, a single look was just as powerful.
I wasn’t thinking of anything but him in that moment. There was a freedom in that I hadn’t experienced before.
His gaze was centered on my lips and as soon as I realized that, my heart kicked into overdrive, sending my blood rushing.
There wasn’t a lot of space separating us. All he’d have to do is move two or three inches and that would be it.
Then his gaze flicked up.
Cam closed the little distance between us before I had a chance to move away. My heart leapt in my chest at the thought that he might kiss me, that I was literally seconds away from my first kiss, and I had no idea what to do. My mouth felt funny after all the crying and I was sitting on a toilet, which probably wasn’t the most romantic of all settings.
But he didn’t kiss me. He pressed his forehead against mine and let out a ragged breath that smelled of mint. “You drive me fucking insane sometimes.”
I drove myself fucking insane. “Sorry?”
Cam pulled back a little, his eyes searching my face. “Don’t run off like that again, okay? I was worried shitless when I couldn’t find you and no one knew where you were.”
I almost apologized again, but apologies were really like wishes. There were an abundance of both in my life and neither really made a difference. So I did something I don’t even think I’d ever done, not even before.
Scooting forward, I pressed my lips to his smooth cheek. His eyes widened, and I inched back. Under his intense stare, I wondered if that had been the wrong thing to do.
Cam started to move forward and then stopped. His eyes were so large and they were truly beautiful, unique in the way the hue seemed to deepen and darken. “Avery?”
I swallowed. “Cam?”
He didn’t give me his lopsided grin or show off his one dimple. “Go out on a date with me.”

What do you think?

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