Teaser from Obsession

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Jen teased fans with a very interesting scene from Obsession over the weekend. I'm so excited for this one!

FYI: The release date for Obsession has been pushed back to May. It sucks, but these things happen!

“You don’t look very apologetic.”
I frowned. “Well, I am. Things are kind of… messed up. And you knocked me out. And you’re half naked—”
“Have you looked in the mirror?” he cut in. “You’re just as naked as I am. And I didn’t throw anything at your head.”
Glancing down at myself, I cringed. Somehow I’d forgotten that I was in my shirt and undies. Flushing all over again, I wanted to dart behind something, but I folded my arms. “I didn’t throw anything at your head. I was—”
“Do you always overreact like this?”
Oh my God, if he interrupted me one more time I was going to throw something at his head. “I woke up in a strange place, kidnapped by an alien. I can’t even believe I’m explaining why I overreacted. What were you doing in my room anyway?”
He mimicked my stance. “Correction: this is my house and therefore this is my room. Not that I need to explain myself, I was checking to make sure everything was secure outside.”
“But you did kidnap me.”
“I did not.”
I threw up my hands. “What’s all this? Where am I?”
“West Virginia.”
My mouth dropped open. Oh, my God, this couldn’t be happening. “I’m in a different time zone? Are you fuc—”
Hunter threw up his hand, silencing me. The tip of my tongue literally burned to lay into him. “What the hell is that noise?”
Before I could respond, he stalked past the bed and entered the bathroom.
“Jesus! What are you trying to do in here?” His voice carried from the bathroom. “Giving the floor a bath?” he demanded.
I searched desperately for my jeans, but came up empty.
Hunter returned, hands on his hips. Too late. “Seriously?”
“I forgot I turned the faucet on. Geez, you’re grumpy.”
“And you’re already turning out to be a huge pain in my thigh.”
“Look, I’m really sorry about that. Okay? I’ve been through some really traumatic events here recently and yes, I might have overreacted.” I struggled with my patience. “And I really would just like to know where my pants are.”
“Your pants were folded on the corner of the bed. You probably knocked them on the floor.”
What? I wanted to check, but I so wasn’t bending down in my panties in front of him. “And how did they get off me and folded on the bed?”
“I did it. Thought you’d be more comfortable.”
Oh geez, I had no idea what to think about that. A thank you so wasn’t in order though. He did undress me while I was unconsciousness for crying out loud. My entire body felt red-hot. “I’m not going to say thank you for that.”
“Not like I’d expect that common courtesy from you,” he replied, his pale eyes dancing… with what? Anger? Amusement? “After all you never thanked me for saving your ass—a pretty ass at that. So I can add inconsiderate to your glowing list of attributes. Put that right next to: overreacts, acts first and then thinks, drama—”
“Oh, go fuc–”
“You do not want to finish that sentence,” Hunter warned. His voice low enough to send warning shivers down my spine.