Jen Shares the 1st of FIVE Chapters of Her Unfinished "Supernatural Meets Vampire Diaries" WIP

10:21 AM Vi Win Win 5 Comments

Whoa! Jen shared with fans the fact that she had/has a WIP in progress that she started in Summer 2012.

Straight from her blog:

" was like a cross between Supernatural meets Vampire Diaries meets it really doesn’t matter, because I stopped writing it to write Obsidian."

Jen doesn't know if or when she's going to finish it, but for now, she wanted to give fans a little treat. So here is the first of FIVE chapters of something I hope Jen will finish some day:

What do you think of Sebastian? Dying for Jen to write more?


  1. I LOVED IT! I really do hope Jen decides to finish it one day, I'll defo read it! And Sebastian *swoon*

  2. Ohh this sounds really awesome!! I hope she gets a chance to finish it someday!