Frigid News and Some FAQs

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Jen teased fans with some news about her upcoming New Adult novel, Frigid, on Facebook:

And Twitter:

I got a chance to see who the model is and let me tell you, YUMMMYYYYYY!!! Whoa, that dude is hot!! I can't wait to see the cover!

This also sparked a bunch of questions about Frigid that Jen answers on her Facebook:

1. Is Frigid my secret project? No. Frigid was sold on proposal back in October 2012 and completed in Nov. It's been announced for a while. Remember, a lot of my book info is not on facebook, but my website --->

2. What is NA? NA stands for New Adult.

3. How is NA differ from YA? New Adult usually focuses on the age group 18-23/25, while focusing on some of the same things you see in YA, but you're also dealing w/ characters out of their parents' house, in college, etc. It can also tend to be more graphic in terms of sex or language and sometimes not. It's really just women's fiction, focusing on an age group that's not written about a lot.

4. What about my sekrit project? I can't talk about my sekrit project yet.

5. Does this mean the cover reveal for Frigid is coming? At some point. Models were hired for the cover shoot and then the cover has to be made.

She also recently answered some questions regarding Shadows, Dawson's novella in the Lux series on Facebook:

Just an FYI as I'm starting to get emails about Shadows. Some of the vendors show a print release date for this book in February. There is no print version of Shadows set to be released. If there is, then that's news to me. =D This is about the third time it shows a release date for print and there are currently no plans for print. I have no idea why it's showing for sale or pre-order. =D

Jen also gave us a slew of updates on her blog recently-

Here's one about what she's working on now:

Right now, I’m working on Sentinel, which is the final book in the Covenant Series. I’ve never ended a series before, so this is an entirely new feeling for me. I’m excited and sad at the same time and incredibly nervous while writing this book. Apollyon, the next book in the Covenant Series comes out on April 9th, 2013.

Something about those POVs people keep asking about:

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Daemon POVs even though I’ve done a lot of updates about the extra POVs. I will not be writing any Daemon POVs right now. I do have plans to do the last chapter in his POV (from Opal), but I simply do not have the time to do that right now. I have two books I must write before entertaining the idea of doing another POV. Contracted books must come first. =D

And a little news on Origin and publishers:

I’ve also been getting a lot of requests for me to go ahead and release Origin and Apollyon. While I’d love for you guys to read those books right now, all of my titles are through a publisher, meaning I have no say over release dates and most definitely cannot just release a title. I’m pretty sure my publishers would kill me for doing that. And I don’t want to be dead. That also means releasing large teasers, like full chapters, has to come from the publisher. At this time, I do not know when the cover for Origin will be released or for Obsession. Those things are entirely up to the publisher.

And guess what?! The Lux series is going to be in audiobook format!! Yay!!

Tantor audio will be having some awesome contests coming up near the release of the audio versions of Obsidian, Onyx, and Opal. You can expect that around March.

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