JLA Reading Challenge Wrap Up

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Wow! Just wow!!!!

What an EPIC last half of 2012 for Jen?!?! Am I right?! I loved how there's was always some JLA goodness happening each month and you guys ROCKED the JLA Reading Challenge!!

It was a TON of fun doing the JLA Reading Challenge, reading all your fantastic reviews, enjoying a couple really cool live chats, and sharing all the JLA goodies. I will definitely try to do something like this again.

Without further ado, here are ALL the stats for the JLA Reading Challenge:

Number of Participants: 60

I love each and every one of you, whether or not you had time to post reviews or read all the books.

Total Reviews: 157

Whoa!!! Freaking fantastic!!!

Total Daimon Reviews: 8

Total Half-Blood Reviews: 11
Total Pure Reviews: 11
Total Deity Reviews: 14
Total Elixir Reviews: 12

Total Obsidian Reviews: 15
Total Shadows Reviews: 12
Total Onyx Reviews: 24
Total Opal Reviews: 11

Total Tempting the Best Man Reviews: 6
Total Tempting the Player Reviews: 14

Total Cursed Reviews: 19 
Pretty cool right?! I love this!

Reading Challenge Apollyon
Most Reviews From: Reese @ Reese's Reviews

Girl, you are a true power-reviewer! A Deity Island Apollyon!!!

Reading Challenge Goddesses
Participant(s) Who Completed a Challenge Every Month: Teresa @ Readers Live a Thousand Lives, Reese @ Reese's Reviews, Aman @ Enticed by Books, Jessie Marie @ The Daily Bookmark

These ladies are seriously Deity Island Goddesses!!!

Remember at the beginning I said there would be a "End of Challenge" giveaway for ONE of Jen's upcoming 2013 releases? Well, I decided to up the ante and give each of the fabulous ladies mentioned above a 2013 JLA Pre-Order of their choice! Reese, Teresa, Aman, & Jessie Marie - I hope you all love the book you'll be receiving ladies!!!

And because I love all of you JLA fans out there, below you'll find a giveaway for some pretty cool JLA swag! Be sure to tell me, as an entry, which Prize Pack you prefer because I'll be giving it away as follows - the 1st winner will get their 1st choice, the 2nd winner will get their next choice, etc.

Prize Pack A
1 Winner

Prize Pack B
2 Winners

Prize Pack C
1 Winner

Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. i would have loved to participate each month but i didn't have the necessary books!!! ^^

    congrats to those who managed so well

    as for my preference it would be pack A because it got all teh bookmarks then b and last c ( bookmars!!)