Recap of the Deity & Opal Live Chat with JLA

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I know I'm SUPER late with this recap, but life just got in the way.

Anyways, here are all the questions & answers from the chat. It was really fun, we got a ton of questions in, and had a bunch of giveaways.

I'm also in the process of choosing winners for the December JLARC and will post the results soon.

The Covenant Series

1.Richa asks Is there a significance to the ex-Oracle Alex met in the Underworld, and will she make an appearance in Apollyon? AND Does Seth truly care for Alex, deep down?

There is, but she doesn't see her again. Yes, he does. He's never been in love before, so he cares for her as best he can.

2. Jana & Stephanie asks Was Deacon ever involved with Leon/Apollo in the past? Why is Deacon acting REALLY weird around Apollo?

You'll find out about it. Can't give it away yet.

3. Teresa, IHeartBigBooks, & Reese asks What made you decide to do Elixir in Aiden's POV instead of Alex's?

She thought it was better to switch up perspectives going from Deity to Apollyon. It helps to understand the characters better. Elixir should be read before Apollyon.

4. Jaquelyn & Stephanie Zhang asks Does Alex ever meet her dad?

Yes, she will.

5. Isabelle asks If you could add music to deity, what song do you think best represents Alex and Aiden's relationship?

Florence & the Machine - Cosmic Love

6. Stephanie, Danielle, & Jenny asks Are we ever going to learn about Seth's background? How about his dad? It was hinted at in Deity, but are we going to learn more?

Yes, you'll learn a lot more about Seth in Apollyon.

7. Gabbie Johnson says Deity was great, and I read the first chapter of Apollyon. I was thinking, but just wanted to check, is Exilir a suggested read before starting Apollyon?

Yes, you should read Elixir before Apollyon.

8. Jenny & Sam S asks Does Seth really believe all the lying he did to Alex about the Apollyon stuff was in the best interest for both of them? AND How come Seth did not tell Alex about how the awakening involved the painful tattooing experience? AND Alex always says how she thinks her eyes are a boring colour but we saw how in Elixir Aiden loves them and thinks they are beautiful, will he ever tell her? AND What made you choose Apollo as the god to come to earth in disguise and help Alex?

Yes he does. He thinks he's doing it in her best interests. Good people do bad things sometimes. Alex was already freaked out about Awakening, so he didn't think she needed to know that. Yes, he does. It started out because Apollyon - Apollo, also that he's the Sun God, alwasy repped as the God that watched out for mankind.

9. Deanna asks How hard was it to write Elixir knowing it would be so heartbreaking?

She doesn't get as affected by the book because she's writing them, so it doesn't bother her that much. She was going for emotional for the readers.

10. Stephanie Zhang asks Do you have any plans for a spin-off of the Covenant Series? AND In Deity, Hades mentioned to Artemis that he didn't care that Alex was the heir to the "bloody throne". Does this mean her becoming the Apollyon? Or is it something else we will learn about later? AND Has the "mystery" god who is behind lucian and seth already been introduced in Deity, or in any of the books but we just don't know their real identity yet? AND Is Artemis actually interested in Aiden (grrr)? I thought she swore off men in mythology?

Potential for a spin-off if she or the publisher wants it. He was just saying that he didn't care what she was other than a threat. She was just commenting on how good-looking he is.

The Lux Series

1. Sharon asks Will Daemon save Katy? What will happen to Katy with the DOD? AND In the trailer Katy had a ring on her finger, will Daemon propose or something later on?

You'll find out in Origin. No, the ring meant nothing.

2. Helen asks Is there something going on between Dee and Andrew? (after Opal)

No, nothing is going on between them.

3. Richa asks In Opal, there was a scene where Katy posted a teaser from an 'amber-coloured book' on her blog. The teaser is from Apollyon, isn't it? AND What exactly did Daemon and Katy do in Chapter 16 of Opal? AND Obsidian, Onyx and Opal are all names of precious stones. Why did you decide to change the trend for Origin? AND Is it possible for aliens and humans to have kids together?

Yes, it is from Apollyon. If you can't figure out what they're doing, you're probably not old enough. She ran out of stones to name them after, many were too redic to use for a title. Not possible w/a Luxen & human, but possible w/Luxen & hybrid.

4. Maria Rodriguez So is a Daedalus a group or a serum like Will said in Onyx?

Group w/in the DOD that overseas interaction w/Luxen, Aru, & humans. You'll see it all in Origin.

5. Richa & Jenny asks Luc from Opal has me intrigued, will we be seeing more of him in the next books? AND Does Blake have a good reason for acting the way he did at the end of Opal? Pleaseeeeee tell me blake will get his comeuppance, please?

Yes, he will be in the next books. Yes, Blake has a reason. You have to think about what Daemon or Katy would've done for each other in that circumstance.

6. Teresa asks Did Onyx originally have an ending similar to Opal when the series was originally a trilogy?


7. Kat asks In the lux series the elders have always been mentioned but we don't know much about them, will they play a big role in the forthcoming books?

Yes, they will in a big, big way.

8. Daisy asks What is the book that Dee reads, the one about a demon hunting girl from Atlanta?

Demon Trapper's Daughter.

9. Gabbie Johnson Who was your inspiration in writing Daemon's character? AND Can you tell us if Dee will eventually get another love interest?

Nobody, it just happened. Maybe, Daemon won't be happy about it though.

10. Jana asks I heard that the original ending for Opal was changed. Can you tell us what the original ending was like? AND Will Dee and Katy's relationship ever be the same? (this is after Opal btw) AND I knew it was Blake who was sneaking into Katy's bed. I hate him so much! But he only hold her and kissed her, right? I just want to make sure nothing else happened LOL.

She's not allowed to. They have things to work thru. Nothing else happened.

11. Aashni asks What was the most difficult scene to write in Opal?

Any type of fight scene.

12. Jenny asks I loved the Martinsburg club and dance scene in Opal, what made you create a club for Lucs headquaters? AND How did blake know that katy was carrying an opal when they broke into the government facility?

She just thought it was funny to have a 15yo in charge of everything. He was watching her.

13. Jaz says I understand that opal diffracts light which is why it enhances the power of the Luxen's, but what's so special about the black opal that's mentioned?

Only the black opal does it.

General Questions

1. Aman asks Were there any deleted scenes that were too steamy to add in both Deity & Opal?

Nothing was cut in that sense.

2. Bryanna Resnickoff asks How did you come up with the covenant series . . . and do you know how awesome you are???

She's really like Greek myth & always wanted to write something based off of that.

3. Richa asks Do you (regularly or occasionally) read your books? If so, do you read them like any other book or keep trying to find ways you could have improved on them?

She doesn't read her books after they're published because she'll want to fix everything.

4. Gaby Navarro asks I was wondering about Pepe's name, is Pepe his nickname? AND Which books are you looking forward reading in 2013? AND What will be the perfect gifts for Daemon, Katy, Alex and Aiden?

His real name is Peter. She doesn't know what books she's looking forward to in 2013, except maybe the last book in the SS series & the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Daemon = Katy, Katy = bookshelf, Aiden = guitar-related, Alex = something that stabs

5. Lea Krnjeta asks What or Who inspires you the most?

Readers inspire her the most. Being able to share something you love inspires her.

6. Jana asks What book of yours so far has been your favourite to write and why? AND What made you want to write adult Obsession, where did you get the idea from?

That's like picking your favorite child. She can't pick one. It's really what she's writing at the current moment. Obsession started as a joke between her & her editor about writing Obsidian for adults, and it spiraled into Obsession for adults.

7. Remo asks What's your favourite fruit? AND What's the most blatant lie you've ever told?

Strawberries. "You ass doesn't really look fat in that?!" LOL

8. Jessica @ Just a Booklover & Brittany Sharp asks When you wrote the endings to OPAL and DEITY--both mean, mean cliffhangers (though I secretly love them)--how did you THINK we would react? Are we reacting as you predicted? And by this I mean, did you expect the tears I and a bunch of others are shedding at the end of OPAL? And, get my point. I'm kind of spazzing.

She knew that people would react strongly, but it makes her laugh because cliffhangers happen all the time.

9. Vivien asks Have you ever lost some of what you've written due to technical errors?

OMG, Yes! Most of the time she can retrieve it, but there have been times when you totally lose something and she freaks out.

10. Pavan asks Do you have an all time favourite character from your books or are they like your babies and you can't choose?

It depends on what she's writing at the time.

11. Jade Fuller asks What has been the most rewarding thing for you begin an author?

Interacting with the fans is the best. Pepe comes in close, too.

12. Danielle P & Valeria Andrea asks Will you be coming out with any new series, not just a new book?

Unchained is a series (one of her funnest books to write), but there will be more in the future.

13. Kat asks Who would you kiss or date out of all the characters you have created? AND Which do you prefer writing the YA or adult books?

Kiss Daemon, but date Aiden. Switching back & forth is how she likes to do it.

14. Gaby Navarro asks Do you have a favorite myth?

Not really. Hades probably.

15. Stephanie P. asks What's something you've always wanted to write about but haven't yet?

Zombies or Vampires or Vampire Zombies!

16. Gabbie Johnson & Katy asks How do you pick the names for your characters?

Very random, a lot of them rhyme. She uses Google or asks friends to pick them.

17. Chloe asks Anything you can tell us about Obsession and Hunter and the other characters?

Takes place in the Lux world, but for adult readers. Hunter is an Arum, Serena is a human. She finds out bc her friend witnesses a Luxen in their true form. Hunter is a fun character to write bc he's an anti-hero. He thinks & does what he wants, so funny, no guilt. You do see some characters from the Lux, but you don't need to have read Lux to read Obsession. They do overlap at some point.

18. Grace asks How did writing the sex scene in Opal differ from the sex scene in Deity?

It really didn't differ other than the scene, she approached both of them the same. Kept them realistic.

19. Kayley F asks Do you have a routine for writing?

She writes every day unless she's traveling.



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